PlayStation VR 2: the new controller will be based on the innovations brought by the DualSense

Sony unveils the first details on the next-generation VR controller for the PS5.

Less than a month after the official launch of PlayStation VR 2 , Hideaki Nishino, head of the planning and platform management team at Sony Interactive Entertainment, presents the accessory that will accompany the virtual reality headset : “ Our new VR controller is part of our desire to give VR experiences much more intense sensations of presence and immersion. The result will be based on the innovations brought by the DualSense wireless controller, which transformed the way games were played on the PS5 by harnessing the sense of touch in new ways. Today, we are integrating these innovations into VR games. The first thing that will strike you when seeing our next generation VR controller is its unique design . Sporting an orb shape, you’ll be able to hold it naturally, while still enjoying a high level of freedom in games. Since you can move your hands without any constraints, developers will have the opportunity to invent unique gameplay experiences. When designing this new controller, we made ergonomics a priority. Thus, you will find that it is well balanced and pleasant to hold in each of your hands. We applied the findings of our testing with users with different hand sizes, as well as our knowledge from decades of designing controllers for all PlayStation platforms. The result is an iconic design that will fundamentally transform the way VR games are approached.

Many studios will soon be able to take ownership of Sony’s new product: “ The product, engineering and design teams have been working closely together on our new VR controller, focusing early on in the process. aim to achieve a real leap forward compared to the current generation of VR games. We are very happy with the controller we have developed. Now it’s all about how the creators leverage its features to design the next generation of VR experiences. The developer community will be receiving prototypes soon, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll use it to bring their wildest ideas to life!

The features of the PlayStation VR 2 controller

  • Adaptive Triggers: Each VR controller (left and right) features a button with an adaptive trigger, which adds palpable tension when the player presses it, similar to the feel of the DualSense controller. If you’ve played a PS5 game before, this tension will remind you of the tension you’ve already encountered by pressing the L2 and R2 keys, for example to bend a bow and shoot an arrow. When applied to VR, this type of mechanics increases the intensity of the experience tenfold
  • Haptic feedback: the new controller will offer haptic feedback optimized for its dimensions, so as to make each in-game sensation more impactful, more textured and more nuanced. As you traverse a rocky desert or trade blows in melee clashes, you will fully feel the difference. The exceptional audiovisual experience, which occupies a prominent place in the VR experience, will be amplified
  • Finger contact detection: In areas where you place your thumb, index or middle finger, the controller can detect your fingers without you having to press any button. You will be able to make more natural hand gestures during your games
  • Tracking: The tracking of the VR controller by the new VR headset is done through a tracking ring at the bottom of the controller
  • Analog Action Keys / Joysticks: The left joystick includes an analog joystick, triangle and square keys, a “hold” key (L1), a trigger key (L2), and the create key. The right controller contains an analog joystick, the cross and circle buttons, a “hold” button (R1), a trigger button (R2) and the options button. The “grab” key can be used to pick up items in the game, for example

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