Perfect Dark: Agent Joanna Dark returns to Xbox Series X

Microsoft announces that a reboot of Perfect Dark is in development at The Initiative.

Darrell Gallagher has finally formalized the first project of The Initiative , a subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios of the American publisher Microsoft : “ Two years ago, we announced the creation of a new studio in Santa Monica and at the Game Awards 2020 we announced Perfect Dark. With this new installment, we aim to deliver a secret agent thriller set in a near-future world. We’ve assembled the Perfect Dark team at The Initiative by bringing in some of the most talented game makers in the business, all of whom share a passion for storytelling, world building and creating game experiences. memorable game. With the full support of the studios at Xbox to reimagine one of the most beloved IPs in the history of the gaming industry, we couldn’t be more excited to share some of our early ideas. I encourage you to watch the studio’s intro to learn more about the team, our goals, and how we’re working hard to deliver on the promise of the next generation of game makers.

The Initiative will bring back the Perfect Dark license

A trailer for Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark will be released on Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S and PC.

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