Our solar system has its own highways

Space exploration is still in its infancy. We still have a lot to discover, especially when it comes to space travel itself.

You cannot go and explore Space without a workable solution for space travel. This obviously requires the development of an efficient propulsion system but also a perfect knowledge of Space, which obeys very specific laws, to optimize journeys. The solar system could help us .

Highways in the solar system?

Future Deep Space missions may not take as long as many believe. Indeed, researchers have discovered the existence of a veritable network of “highways” that would allow probes and other vessels to travel far at higher speeds. Asteroids near Jupiter, for example, could cover the distance to Neptune in less than 10 years and 100 astronomical units (or about 3 times the distance from the Sun to Neptune) in 100 years. The ships, on the other hand, could in theory be even faster.

Enough to significantly reduce travel times, and the quantities of energy on board

The scientists in question discovered these “highways” by analyzing how millions of orbits of the solar system can fit into known space or into arch-shaped structures extending from the asteroid belt.

This approach could significantly reduce the time it takes to travel to the far reaches of our solar system. And it could also, who knows, lead to more efficient travel by significantly reducing the amounts of energy needed to power the devices. This discovery could also be used to study objects close to Earth that could threaten our planet. Of course, this is not about visiting the most remote corners of our solar system, but it could help humanity explore our cosmic surroundings without spending several years on each trip.

Now let’s hope that these highways can be easily exploited by current and future space exploration specialists. In any case, this bodes well for the coming years. To be continued !

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