OPPO in turn unveils its own wireless charging technology

Current wireless charging is not really wireless charging. The device must remain on the base. We are eagerly awaiting the next generation, the “real” wireless charging …

We have only recently been able to charge our smartphones wirelessly, so to speak. Of course, the phone no longer needs to be plugged in, but it must be placed on a very specific and delimited surface. We are still a long way from having true wireless charging. But recently, several manufacturers have unveiled very promising technologies. This is the case today with OPPO , with the Wireless Air Charging .

OPPO unveils its Wireless Air Charging technology

Last month, Xiaomi and Motorola both unveiled their own “true” wireless charging technology. It seems that today OPPO is ready to play in this court as well. The brand has just unveiled its own technology. This was presented in due form during the MWC Shanghai 2021, the OPPO Wireless Air Charging technology was able to enter the world.

The “real” wireless charging begins to arrive

In its current form, wireless charging technology is not particularly fast, it can only deliver 7.5W of power. That being said, this is not its primary interest. The main selling point, if we can put it that way, is that you no longer need to use cables or charging mats to operate. OPPO’s technology is based on magnetic resonance and as soon as a compatible device is within charging range, or within 10 cm of the charger, the latter begins to charge.

This means that even if you were to pick up your phone to look at a notification or reply to a message, it would continue to charge. Although some may argue that this 10cm distance is still too small, others may find it an additional “security”. This means that the whole room would not be bathed in radio waves. However, the company does not mention when the charger will be marketed but such an accessory could be very interesting.

And it seems that this kind of technology is very popular. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung are still absent from this market, but we suspect that it is only a matter of time. And there is no doubt that this competition will result in even more sophisticated technologies. To be continued !

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