Oppo Enco X test: a high-end service below the 200 euros mark


The Enco X are to date the most premium wireless headphones from the manufacturer Oppo. Sold below 180 euros, they benefit from a partnership with Danish Hi-Fi manufacturer Dynaudio and offer an in-ear format coupled with active noise reduction. We tested them for a month and here is our detailed review.

Source : Maxime Grosjean pour Frandroid

Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Launched in November 2020 , the Enco X are the latest addition to the line of headphones from manufacturer Oppo. It is also the most advanced model that the brand offers to date, with the main arguments being a partnership with a “ audio expert ” and a reduction in active noise of 35 dB. Oppo also communicates on excellent call quality, generous battery life and intuitive touch controls. As usual in this market, a lot of promises are made and it’s time to see if they are being kept. Here is our full review of the Oppo Enco X.

Technical sheet of Oppo Enco X

Model Oppo Enco X
Format in-ear headphones
Active noise reduction Yes
Autonomy announced 25 hours
Bluetooth version 5.2
Weight 9.6 grams
Vocal Assistant Google Assistant
Product sheet
See the test

This test was performed with headphones provided to us by Oppo.

An elegant design for very good listening comfort

The design of the Oppo Enco X is reminiscent of the famous AirPods Pro , which is not a bad thing when good ideas are correctly reflected. We therefore find a in-ear format and we especially notice the presence of a small rod on each earpiece. The stems of the Enco X are slightly thinner than those of the AirPods Pro, but they still make it easier to put the headphones in the ears and at the same time provide a appearance . These are the rods with which the user interacts to control their music, but we will come back to this point in the next part. To finish on the rods, their lower part accommodates the elements necessary for recharging in the case – these stand out for their silver color.

Each earpiece has a total of three microphones: one internal and one external for active noise reduction and one on the stem for calls // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

The Enco Xs give a very good overall impression : the shiny plastic is not of poor quality and has a certain elegant edge, which is confirmed by the rather curved lines of the product. No particular remark is to be made on the build quality. Be careful though, the black version tested here is quite messy. Also, the small grille on the outside of the earpiece clogs up quickly and therefore requires regular maintenance.

Les Oppo Enco X

The Oppo Enco X // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

The headphones each weigh less than 5 grams and are very comfortable to wear . They are indeed intra-auriculars, but they do not need to be screwed and pushed into the ear canal to stay in place: the shape of the cannula takes up enough space in the concha of the ear and positions the tips at the entrance to the ear canal. Passive isolation is therefore not one of the best, but still sufficient and you will see that active noise reduction plays its role.

Slight discomfort appears after more than 2.5 hours of listening, which is above average. Listening comfort is therefore there, even if you do not hesitate to apply a little pressure from time to time to press them correctly at the entrance to the ear canal. Long Zoom sessions that require a lot of expression from the user still cause the Enco Xs to gradually slide out of their original position – due to repeated jaw movements.

Something rare enough to be highlighted: The headphones were able to stay in place during a hour-long running session. The steep drop will have required some adjustments, of course, but the experience remains more than satisfactory for headphones that are not dedicated to sport . Note also a resistance to dust and water certified IP54 .

Les écouteurs restent bien en place

The headphones stay in place // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

The Enco X sometimes hold too well in place: by removing the headphones a little violently from the ears, it has happened to us on several occasions that one of the two tips comes off the cannula and gets stuck at the entrance of the duct auditory. We have known more practical and especially more elegant. It was also slightly more common for the tip to turn over at the exit of the ear , still remaining attached to the cannula.

Oppo just provides three pairs of eartips in different sizes and helps us choose the right one with a companion app, which we’ll go into a little bit later.

On observe ici la forme de la canule

We can observe here the shape of the cannula // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

We have already made this comment during our test of the Enco W51 , and Oppo put the cover back for its Enco X: the experience offered when unpacking is very appreciable . The box, the different elements and their arrangements are the most beautiful effect.

The Enco X case

The Enco X’s case is also quite elegant and features a pebble-shaped design with the same shiny plastic as the headphones. A rim goes around the case and is discretely stamped with “ Oppo ” on the top. The “ Co-created with Dynaudio ” on the rear hinge is much more visible. Note that the hinge has no play and therefore inspires confidence. The case displays 43 grams on the scale (or a little over 50 grams with the headphones) and offers a small footprint thanks to its elongated shape. Its compactness therefore allows it to be easily slipped into a trouser pocket.

The Enco X case // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

The headphones store in the case upright side by side and are easy to remove, but it is not the same story to put them back on. The reason is quite simple: instead of pointing inwards, the earphones face outwards , which requires them to be rotated when storing. Handling is neither natural nor pleasant on a daily basis. Too bad, you have to get used to it and get the hang of it. The experiment started off well, however, since the case can be opened with one hand .

The only diode is on the outside of the housing and lights up when the housing is opened. One wonders why the pairing button also on the outside of the case cannot trigger it: that would have allowed the approximate battery status of the headphones to be checked with a click and without having to open the case. Speaking of battery, note that the box is recharged via the USB-C port located on the lower edge, but is also compatible with wireless charging .

On the right, the pairing button // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Those who are crazy about the case can be reassured, we have made an in-depth comparison of the snap produced by its closure. Verdict: It comes very close to that of the AirPods Pro, but without reaching it. The noise emitted remains very satisfactory.

Angry touch controls

The first pairing of the Enco X is done classically and quickly through the phone’s Bluetooth menu. Only phones with ColorOS 7.0 (and newer versions) have a fast connection. Examples include Find X2 , Find X2 Pro and others Reno and Reno 5G .

Good news, the two headphones are independent , which means you can use only one while leaving the other in the case. Oppo didn’t go all the way, however: using just one earbud, auto-pause works when you remove it from the ear, but the music does not restart after you put it back on. Same story when you remove and replace the two headphones, the music pauses, but does not restart.

We quibble, remember that in normal use (with both headphones in the ears), removing and putting an earpiece back in the ear is interpreted correctly – the music pauses and then starts again.

Les Enco X ne sont pas compatibles avec la connexion multipoint

The Enco X are not compatible with the multipoint connection // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Do not count on a multipoint connection, the Enco X being devoid of it, but it is possible to quickly switch between two sources by long pressing on one of the two earphones, if you have activated this command in the application. before. Note that headphones have never suffered, in a month of use, from connection problems or blackouts.

To finish on the connection, we noticed that the earphones take strangely two seconds to switch off completely after the case is closed: the phone then remains connected during this period. This behavior is certainly strange, but it remains very little disturbing on a daily basis.

Source : Maxime Grosjean pour Frandroid

Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Let’s now address a real problem , that posed by the touch controls of the Oppo Enco X. In short, they work correctly when used indoors, but are very capricious when the user is outdoors and / or in motion. Here are, by default, the actions triggered by touch controls:

  • Double press on the left earphone : previous music
  • Double press right earpiece : next music
  • Slide down / up : volume management
  • Long press : enable / disable active noise reduction

It is this last long press command that is the most capricious. No problem when sitting at an indoor desk, but things get tough as soon as you start walking or go out into the street: the command then works every other time [19459015 ], which quickly becomes annoying. Winter temperatures no doubt played a role, but prolonged support was often a problem in warmer spaces as well. Also, in our test, the left earphone was even less sensitive than the right in these situations.

Les Enco X se commandent via des surfaces tactiles

The Enco X are controlled via tactile surfaces // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

The double tap and the volume management by sliding the finger work without too many problems. We must admit, to contrast, that Oppo scores a point by making the volume control possible directly from the headphones . However, we retain the frustration caused by the prolonged support which is too often unsuccessful. This command alone ruins the experience … too bad. One thing is certain: do not plan to use touch controls during your running session.

The HeyMelody app

It is possible to configure the commands by going through the application HeyMelody , which offers half-tone customization: impossible to choose precisely the action triggered for each command, you have to choose from a reduced list offered by the application. For example, it is possible to define a single action for the triple press, namely the voice assistant.

The menu to customize the commands

Also, only two actions can be triggered to manage active noise reduction via long press, compared to four offered in total in the application – off, low, maximum and transparent mode. They could have all been spread over the left and right earbuds, but let’s face it the risk would have been to lose the user in all these controls.

Oppo also offers, through this application, a feature introduced by the AirPods Pro (to change): a headphone fit test . The latter asks to put the two headphones in the ears then will take care of playing a few notes and telling us if the installed earpieces allow or not the best possible active noise reduction. According to our tests, this option seems to work since the results differ well depending on the person and the tips chosen – those installed by default on the headphones are unsurprisingly suitable for the majority of users.

The fit test

Otherwise, the application allows to update the headphones , to know the state of their battery as well as that of the case. Again, users of ColorOS 7.0 (and newer) can do without this application and directly access their phone’s Bluetooth settings to use the “ Earbud Fit Test ” function or to set up the headphones. Finally, let us note the absence of the HeyMelody application on iOS , which also allows the management of headphones Oppo Enco W51 , but also that of OnePlus Buds and Buds Z .

The HeyMelody app does not offer an equalizer

Active noise reduction

Now is the time to dwell on the quality of active noise reduction offered by Oppo. Spoiler: it is very efficient . Like most headphones that offer this feature, the Enco Xs are very good at reducing low frequency noise and have a harder time at higher frequencies. In a train, metro or bus, the activation of noise reduction is felt immediately, provided of course you have started music. There remains a slight hissing sound in the background (in the train for example), but the brain automatically focuses on the music and at the same time places us in the famous bubble . Listening to his music at half the volume, the voices of subways and trains are barely heard. In the streets of Paris, the Enco Xs manage to maintain the isolation effect, but the roar of the scooters, albeit reduced, reaches our eardrums.

For comparison, the active noise reduction of the Enco X is similar to that of the AirPods Pro in the everyday situations described above, but the gap is widening in favor of Apple in more complicated contexts. Voices and noise sources indoors are indeed not managed by the Enco X: beyond not reducing these noises, the processing applied makes them more discernible than they were without noise reduction. So don’t think about using these headphones to cut yourself off from your colleague in open space . Noises caused by a frying pan, for example, were detached and clarified by the algorithm, and the volume had to be increased to an unreasonable level to cut it off. You might as well not use noise reduction in these situations .

La réduction de bruit des Enco X est très convaincante dans la majorité des cas

The noise reduction of the Enco X is very convincing in the majority of cases // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Exactly, the advice remains the same when you are in a perfectly quiet space: turn off noise reduction to prevent the whispering caused by the treatment applied to imperceptible noises from spoiling your music. Remember that noise reduction takes precedence over ambient noise in most everyday situations .

Transparent mode is not the most natural and emphasizes unwanted ambient noise too much, but it is sufficient to hear the voice of public transport announcements. Note that this mode is activated automatically as soon as you remove an earpiece. Not stupid.

A beautiful sound performance

On the packaging, on the site and even on the headphone case: Oppo has done its utmost to communicate on its partnership with Dynaudio . The Enco X were indeed co-created with this Danish manufacturer specializing in high-end loudspeakers. Oppo remains vague on the type of partnership and announces a meticulous choice of components and “ no less than 120 acoustic lab fit tests “. The brand also displays the name of Daniel Emonts, a Senior R&D acoustics engineer who works on speaker and transducer design at Dynaudio – reassuring, right? Finally, a video still gives important information: Oppo started working with Dynaudio in 2019 – and the Enco X were released on the market in November 2020.

One thing is certain, the Enco X have a particular architecture : there is a first 6 mm loudspeaker with magnetic membrane to manage the high frequencies and a second of 11 mm to manage the rest frequencies. Oppo states that the two speakers are located on a parallel axis to ensure the best audio output, which seems quite logical at first glance. Whatever happens, this very technical choice is surprising, because rare , especially for headphones sold under the 200 euro mark. The protocols offered by Oppo are also more interesting than average, since there is a connection Bluetooth 5.2 and the LHDC codec , in addition to the classic SBC and AAC [19459009 ]. Be careful though: only Find X2 and Find X2 Pro phones support LDHC.

Les Enco X profitent d’une architecture rare dans des écouteurs true wireless

The Enco X benefit from a rare architecture in true wireless headphones // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

You didn’t understand anything and you just want to know what the sound offered by the Enco X is worth in practice? This is totally normal, let’s go. To sum up, the Enco X surprise with the level of detail they offer, especially in the treble. The sound signature does not present any major imbalance and then allows a certain versatility to the headphones, which manage not to massacre certain rock pieces very loaded with instruments and vocals. I am thinking for example of Chop Suey! by System Of A Down and Nice Boys by Rose Tattoo.

We remain a little more dubious about the bass, which is manifested with accuracy most of the time, but which is sometimes less relevant, because a little muddled on certain songs. Nothing catastrophic, since the bass contributes to the warm sound produced by the two transducers of each earphone. The proposal of the Enco X on the song Cane Shuga by the pop group Glass Animals sums up the general situation well: the subtleties of the voices and beats are revealed and above all very distinct, thus forming a all very addicting as one might expect. The sound signature prevents hearing fatigue onset too quickly, and the headphones don’t suffer from any particular distortion at high volume – we’ve never needed to go above 70% thanks to active noise reduction.

The sound performance of the Enco X is therefore very good, especially in this price range, although we prefer the warmth of the sound offered by the Sennheiser CX 400BT . These descriptions are mainly based on plays made via YouTube Music and Spotify with the highest audio quality selected – but without the LDHC codec, as not supported by our phone.

En pleine session d’écoute avec les Enco X

In the middle of a listening session with the Enco X // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Some will regret the absence of an equalizer in the companion application, but this is Oppo’s desire: to offer a product “ ready to use ” from out of the box. The sound offered by the Enco X will satisfy the general public looking for simplicity and versatility. The more fussy will turn to models with more complete applications, such as the Jabra Elite 85t or the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 .

The call quality offered by the Enco X is average. Your voice will sound a little tinny to the other person, but they will hear you even in the presence of wind. We used these headphones a lot during our Teams calls and our various interlocutors understood us without any problem. Be careful, however, not to manipulate the Enco X too much during the call to avoid hanging up on it.

A good point for autonomy

With noise reduction activated, Oppo announces an autonomy of 5:30 for its Enco X. Accompanied by their case, the headphones are supposed to offer a total of 25 hours without active noise reduction, or 20 hours with. We have done our tests and the results confirm these scores.

Connected to a telephone, the Enco X were able to play music for 5 hours and 18 minutes before shutting down – with noise reduction active and volume oscillating between 50% and 70 %. A second test, conducted in a slightly quieter environment, allowed the headphones to withstand up to 5 hours and 38 minutes of listening time. Note that these results correspond to turning off the first earbud and the second one took an average of 20 minutes longer to wear out. Without active noise cancellation, the Oppo Enco X’s achieved 7 hours and 45 minutes of battery life. It’s a very good score.

Le boîtier est compatible avec la recharge sans fil

The box is compatible with wireless charging // Source: Maxime Grosjean for Frandroid

Here are, in addition, some concrete use cases to illustrate the behavior of autonomy in practice. The Enco X’s lose 10% battery power after 30 minutes of calling or after 40 minutes of listening to music with noise canceling active. Two hours on the phone cut the battery in the headphones in half, and a 2 hour and a few minutes train ride with noise canceling active reduced them from 100% to 60%.

The earphones require an average stay of 40 minutes in the case to be fully charged . Also note that a 5 minute passage in the case increases the Enco X from 0% to 10% and then offers only 20 minutes of battery life. For once, this score is disappointing: many manufacturers offer triple on their models. Fully charged, the case offers in our tests just over four full headphone charges . So, starting out with the case and headphones fully charged, you can expect a total of over 27 hours of use with active noise canceling – or over 38 hours without. These results are very good and even superior to those announced by Oppo. Once both were completely empty, the headphones and the case took 1 hour 33 minutes to reach 100%.

An attractive price

The Oppo Enco X are listed at a price of 179 euros and are available on Amazon , Darty or La Fnac . Two colors are available for the case and the headphones: black and white. The Enco X are to date the most successful (and therefore expensive) headphones sold by Oppo.

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