OnePlus and OPPO have merged their Research & Development division

Research and development are very important activities for tech companies, they are usually jealously guarded …

The branches of research and development (R&D) of companies are not really the most easily shareable entities. It must be said that it is thanks to the latter that companies, from the tech in particular, manage to design their devices and to innovate. From time to time, however, certain companies decide to pool their skills in this area. This is the case today with OnePlus and OPPO .

OnePlus and OPPO pool their R&D

Those who follow the smartphone industry are familiar with the two brands of OnePlus and OPPO. Both are Chinese companies and both recently announced that they have merged their R&D arm. So don’t be surprised if, in the future, you see similar features appear in devices from both brands.

More innovations to come from both brands?

According to a statement issued by a spokesperson for OnePlus: “To maximize resources and further improve OnePlus’ market position and facilitate its growth, we are in the process of integrating R&D capabilities into OPLUS, our long-term investor. OnePlus will continue to operate independently and work to provide the best possible user experience for customers and future OnePlus customers. ”

For those who do not know, OnePlus and OPPO belong to the same company, BBK Electronics in this case, which also owns other Chinese smartphone brands like Vivo and realme, to name but a few. this. So it’s just a matter of pooling resources rather than merging one into the other.

OnePlus and OPPO will continue to operate independently and therefore offer their own Android devices according to their brands. This pooling of research and development could lead to increased efforts in terms of new functionalities for these two brands. To be continued !

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