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OLED Screen Apple iPhone 8 3D Touch Components To Cost Much Higher Than Expected

Apple iPhone 8, the upcoming smartphone by the Apple is going to be released in the month of September(APPLE IPHONE 8 TO START PRE-ORDER IN SEPTEMBER) 2017. The year 2017 is a very important year for the Apple as the Apple is going to complete its tenth year in the technological industry. To prove their position in the market and the status of their company many amazing products are being expected by the users in this year. The most important one being the eighth edition of the world-known iPhone. The iPhone 8 is going to revolutionise the mobile world completely as the technology which Apple would be using in it are amazing and are being introduced in a smartphone for the very first time.


The Apple iPhone 8, is going to one of the major change which will completely influence the iPhone previous designs. The phone would be missing out the icon of the iPhone, the home button. According to the rumours, Apple has decided to rather introduce a virtual touch ID(APPLE IPHONE 8 NEW DESIGN, MIGHT BE A POSSIBILITY OF WIRELESS CHARGER SUPPORT OR TOUCH ID AT REAR) in the place of the physical button. At this time, Apple is having problems in integrating the touch ID into the screen which is also one of the main cause of the iPhone 8 getting delayed. If Apple fails to integrate the touch ID into the screen then the touch ID may be placed at the rear of the phone. OLED model of the iPhone 3D component are expected to cost higher hence the prices are expected to go higher.

The Apple iPhone 8 will surely impress the user’s who are willing to buy it. According to the latest survey, more than(MORE THAN 90% PEOPLE WANTS TO UPGRADE TO APPLE IPHONE 8) 90% Apple iPhone users have agreed on upgrading their phone. The phone is already impressed the people even before any official announcements of the features it is going to have. The phone would also have a great camera, both the front and rear of both the camera are going to feature a dual lens(APPLE IPHONE 8 MAY GET FRONT FACING DUAL LENS CAMERA) camera with the optical image stabilisation feature. The camera at the rear would be placed vertically with the flash placed in between the two cameras.


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