NVIDIA GeForce Now is now playable in Google Chrome

Video game streaming has made a big difference. It is now possible to play without a console or a computer, with a simple web browser and a connection to the height.

If the streaming of video games is so promising, it is because it offers gamers the possibility to play anywhere, on the one hand, but with any device. connected with a screen or almost. A real revolution. Now it’s NVIDIA’s service, GeForce Now , which opens up a bit more. The platform is now accessible from the Google Chrome browser .

NVIDIA GeForce Now is now accessible from Google Chrome

If you are still in doubt about choosing a video game streaming service, one aspect to consider is the availability of the service on different platforms. Those looking for a service that offers a wide choice in this segment to stream their favorite games will certainly be interested to learn that NVIDIA GeForce Now could do the job perfectly. Particularly thanks to the latest update.

An additional option for players

In fact, NVIDIA recently rolled out an update for its GeForce Now video game streaming service that supports the browser Google Chrome . This means that if you have a Windows or Mac computer, you just need to have the latest version of the service and Chrome installed on the machine to be able to enjoy games through this browser.

This is very, very interesting, and just as important. Particularly if game streaming services want to democratize. Giving users more options in how to play certainly makes the service more interesting. And GeForce Now is among the most popular video game streaming services today.

Unlike some of its competitors, NVIDIA allows gamers to purchase games from other stores, as long as they are compatible. This means that even if you decide to stop using GeForce Now, you will still be able to enjoy these games. It is also one of the few platforms that can be accessed on iOS devices, via the Safari browser.

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