Not everyone at Hyundai is very happy to help Apple with their car

In recent times, the rumor of Apple working on a car has been growing. And the Californian giant would seek to surround himself. Especially with Hyundai.

Designing and producing a car requires a lot of know-how. And although our name is Apple , the automobile is far from the field of choice. We must therefore poach experts in the field. What the Cupertino company has done in recent years. But that doesn’t seem like enough. Recently, we learned of a rapprochement between Apple and Hyundai

Working with Apple, a bad idea for Hyundai?

A report earlier this month revealed that Hyundai is (was?) In talks with Apple to help the company design its own electric car. An article then arrived which suggested that the American giant could leave the keys to the project to Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai. This would allow Apple in particular to offer its vehicle in the United States.

Korean brand executives are shared

That being said, today a new Reuters article suggests that this deal may not be successful. Apparently, Hyundai executives would be divided on whether to work with Apple. This division of opinion means that there are chances / risks that the Cupertino company will ultimately not be able to get help from Hyundai, the apple brand would then have to find another partner for their great adventure. automobile.

According to an executive at Hyundai, it appears that some are concerned that, despite working with such a large company as Apple, the benefits of such a collaboration are not certain for the Korean conglomerate: “We We are very hesitant about how to do things, whether it would be right or wrong to do it. We are not a company that makes cars for others. It’s not like working with Apple will always deliver good results. ”

And it’s quite easy to understand their point of view. After all, making cars for Apple would be like making a product that competes directly with theirs. It would be like a company like Dell asking Apple to make computers for them. That being said, that’s not always the case. For example, Samsung and LG, both competitors of Apple, are working with the Cupertino company to produce components for similar products. So it’s not totally surprising or unknown.

Still, if this collaboration does not finally happen, it will be interesting to see who could take Hyundai’s place. To be continued !

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