Nintendo Switch Pro: an announcement is not expected in the coming months

The long-awaited new Switch model capable of displaying 4K will not be released soon.

While the Nintendo Switch will celebrate its four years on March 3 and the Japanese manufacturer plans to give its new sales forecasts until March 2022 for the hybrid console which continues to sell massively around the world, in particular thanks to the coronavirus virus and the stock problems for the Sony PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X / S from Microsoft, President Shuntaro Furukawa still maintains the mystery regarding the arrival of a new model with 4K and an OLED display: “ We don’t plan to make an announcement anytime soon. We have one in Mario colors for this month and another for Monster Hunter next March.

It’s hard to really know if Nintendo has any plans for this famous Nintendo Switch Pro whose rumors are still so insistent. The Kyoto company is known to say everything and its opposite in the space of one or more months as had been the case for the Nintendo 3DS XL, the New Nintendo 3DS or even more recently the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo will finally change its server system

To offer improved performance and more stability to Nintendo Switch multiplayer, the Japanese publisher replaces “NEX” after 18 years of use for the new “NPLN” system which will be introduced with Monster Hunter Rise next March . The transition should go smoothly and Nintendo would even already have some ideas to improve everything with new features.

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