Nikon NX Studio, a successful photo and video editing tool … and free

Photo and / or video editing software are very numerous on the market today. Some paying, others free, some more complete than others …

If you are looking to edit photos or videos, regularly or very rarely, you have necessarily asked yourself the question: which software. The offer is now very extensive, with the big names that are Adobe Photoshop and more tools, independent or not, free or not, that do the job very well. Here is today a new reference proposed by Nikon .

Nikon Unveils NX Studio, Photo / Video Editing Tool

For editing photos or videos on your computer, there are currently a plethora of paid options like those from Adobe but if you don’t feel like or can’t opt ​​for multi-hundred dollar software than you will only use from time to time, know that Nikon could have the solution it does for you with its brand new tool called NX Studio.

Completely free, what’s more!

NX Studio is completely free photo and video editing software designed and designed for Windows and Mac – Macs with a Intel chip only, for the moment -. This solution offers a large number of features, among the most common in this kind of software, such as support for photos in RAW format, the ability to organize your workflows and projects and according to Nikon, the interface has been designed. by reusing in particular a number of terms used in the brand’s cameras.

So Nikon aficionados – perhaps you were one of them – should not be taken aback. They should have no problem navigating the software as the terms will already be known. Still, this photo / video editing software is very young, it will certainly take some time to mature, especially to support all the most popular functions. It is also impossible, for the time being, to gauge its effectiveness compared to competing products. But as said above, NX Studio is free. You can download and install now to test it.

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