New MacBook Pros could borrow from iPad for their design

With each new generation of devices, the question arises as to whether the design will remain similar or not. Apple is still eagerly awaited on this point. And there could be something new for MacBook Pros.

Apple has always paid special attention to the designs of its products. Obviously, the result is not always a success, some attempts disappear in the next generation. The next generation of Apple MacBook Pro is expected to introduce a whole new design , and this one would notably borrow from the iPad.

The design of the new MacBook Pros would borrow from the iPad Pro

The current design of Apple’s MacBooks is quite old, let’s face it. Granted, this is one of the most rugged designs, proven over many years, there is little or nothing to criticize, but it must be recognized that it is time for a change. We have heard several rumors suggesting that a whole new design is on the way. Today analyst Ming-Chi Kuo unveils some details of this novelty.

According to the well-known Apple ecosystem analyst, this new MacBook Pro design borrows certain aspects from the iPad Pro. Specifically, the “flatter” look, which should help the device look more like the iPad Pro and the newer iPhones . Indeed, both abandoned the curved edge frames to move to flat edges.

And would offer more ports!

Ming-Chi Kuo also asserts that the Cupertino company will introduce more ports, but without going into details. Currently, Apple has virtually eliminated all ports, leaving only a USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 port. The only other port on the machine is a 3.5mm jack for headphones. As a result of the operation, many users now have to use dongles and other USB hubs to manage their various accessories.

It is difficult to know if Ming-Chi mentions here the possibility of seeing the return of USB-A ports and / or a memory card reader or if it is simply a question of adding other USB- ports. vs. We will have to wait to find out. An earlier Bloomberg report seemed to suggest that the MagSafe charging system could make a comeback on this next-gen MacBook Pro. In any case, this is a very promising model. To be continued !

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