Netflix announces Gundam live-action movie

Netflix has just announced the launch of a live-action film project around the Gundam license, a cult license in the mecha universe.

If robots are so popular today, it is also because they have long been present in the collective imagination, especially through cartoons and mecha. Licenses in this category are numerous, some more well-known than others, of course. Gundam is among the most famous. And it is precisely the latter that Netflix will be adapting into a live-action film.

Netflix announces live-action movie Gundam

Live-action movies that feature giant robots battling against each other, or frightening monsters, are nothing new, but we’ve never had the chance yet. to see such a film adapted from the very popular animated series Gundam. At least not until today. The streaming platform Netflix has just made official its project for a live-action film in the Gundam Universe, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing it.

For those who don’t know, Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the director to whom Kong: Skull Island is credited. In other words, if you have his work on this movie, maybe this Gundam adaptation would appeal to you. There have been rumors and even negotiations regarding a possible live-action movie Gundam for years, but it looks like the project is happening now.

But we don’t know more at this point

Unfortunately, other than this year and confirmation that the film is in development, we don’t know more. According to Netflix, the scenario is still being worked out. It is therefore impossible, at this stage, to know what the film will be about or whether the story will remain faithful to the manga / anime. There is also no mention of any casting. We will therefore not know which actors will be present.

And the Netflix press release doesn’t mention a release date either. That being said, with the project presumably just getting started, 2021 seems too short a timeline. Better to bet on 2022, or even later.

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