Mustache test Samedi 27 Xroad FS 5: further, stronger, heavier


Thought to be the ultra versatile commuter bike, the Mustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 5 offers a list of uses as long as its name. A list respected and a promise kept, to the delight of your heart if not that of your bank account.

The automobile has the sports and utility vehicles that everyone calls “SUVs” with generally a little contempt in their voices. The bike has the Mustache Samedi 27 XRoad FS 5: a cross between a VTC, an ATV and a motocross. But is he able to cross more than a sidewalk? Can he like James Bond to wet the shirt without wrinkling the jacket? This is what we were able to verify during the brand’s almost month-long loan.

Presentation of Mustache

In 2010, date of the creation of the Mustache brand, the historic bicycle manufacturers had not yet thrown themselves completely into the electric market, leaving a boulevard, admittedly a little narrow and quite dark but with a beautiful light at the end, to a brand new French company, strong in ideas and endowed with a very precise marketing approach.

A decade later, the “Mustaches” are recurring devices in the cyclosphere. On Saturday 27 XRoad FS 5 (which we will call XRFS5 for the rest of the test) is intended to be THE most suitable solution for making cycling your daily transport vehicle. A solution at 4,500 euros all the same. For such a price, can we really say “Goodbye” to motor vehicles? Spoiler: no. But that’s not Mustache’s fault.

Technical sheet

Model Mustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 5
Max speed 25 km / h
Engine power 250 watts
Number of assists 5
Battery technology Li-Ion
Announced recharge time 240 minutes
Removable battery No
Bluetooth Unknown
GPS Unknown
Screen Yes
Weight 25.6 kilograms
Dimensions x x cm
Wheel size 27.5 inches
Color Red
Lighthouses Yes
Tail light Yes
Product sheet

Characteristics: medium and high range

The XRFS5 is well supplied. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the most upscale currently. The 85 NM torque is steadfast, even on a 15% climb with a 100kg rider (before the holiday season) on it.

Understand that nothing should stop you, even when loaded. Because the XRFS5 has a luggage rack to the QL3 standard. As a result, you can attach saddlebags, a child seat, an abandoned animal that you want to adopt, a PS5, eggs …

On the braking side, we find Shimano MT200, hydraulic disc braking powerful enough to stop very short and avoid hitting an SUV in town for example (it was easy).

For the drivetrain, single chainring, a Shimano Deore 11 speed groupset does the job properly. It’s not XT or GRX but it does its job with a little lack of smoothness all the same. We quibble, that’s true, but at 4,500 euros, it’s okay.

The lighting is entrusted to Spanninga 80 lux at the front, which is far too weak in the unlit area. It is absolutely necessary to equip yourself with secondary lighting.

The XRFS5 is what is called a “full suspension”; So it’s got a suspension fork up front, a Suntour Mobie 25 with 100mm of travel, which does its job of smoothing out the roughness of the road and taking the load off the front wheel. But the latter shows its limits as soon as we venture into the forest (we are in the mid-range air).

Full suspension also implies the presence of a rear shock absorber. That of the XRFS5 is entirely designed by Mustache and offers 100 mm of travel, in order to preserve the eggs fixed on the luggage rack. When purchasing, we can adjust the pressure to your weight.

On the display side, the information is transmitted via an Intuvia screen. It is a simple model, very readable in the middle of the night or in direct sunlight, and easy to learn.

It displays the basic information that interests us such as the average speed, the max speed, the instantaneous speed, the remaining autonomy and, in the right corner, the real-time work of the engine or if you prefer, the force assistance. It’s very interesting and useful to see whether or not you are pulling a lot on the motor (and therefore the battery).

The handlebars (hanger), in the shape of a Mustache (and yes, the name comes from there), is very suitable for urban use. Note the possibility of orienting the position by changing the angle of inclination.

Finally, there is a selle Royal gel that respects your butt, 27.5-inch Hutchinson Python gums which are really versatile (we’ll talk about it later), a 625 Wh battery, all mounted on a frame in aluminum for a weight of 25.6 kg with full tank.

What place in the Mustache range?

The XRFS5 is not the top of the XRoad family. And no ! There is the FS7 which is adorned with a little more upscale components such as a better transmission (Shimano XT), a better braking system (MT400), better lighting, a telescopic seat post with handlebar control. In short, it is better but also 800 euros more expensive. Already 4,500 euros represents a sum, at 5,300 euros we cross a psychological limit.

Le Xroad FS 7 est mieux équipé que le FS5 mais aussi plus cher, sans pour autant que ce soit indispensable.

The Xroad FS 7 is better equipped than the FS5 but also more expensive, without it being essential.

But it is above all the Bosch Nyon on-board computer that makes the difference with the model we are testing. It is able to display a GPS map and offers the full range of activity monitoring (variation in speed, height difference, calories burned, CO2 saved, etc.).

So many things that Strava can also provide you (but now with a paid subscription) on your smartphone which will find its place on the XRFS5 (test model). Indications which are relevant for a bicycle dedicated to performance, but which become dispensable for pure commuting use.

So we come to wonder if the FS5 gives enough for its price and (spoiler) the answer is yes.

A l’usage, la console embarquée par notre modèle de test, le Xroad FS 5, fait plus que le travail et offre une lisibilité sans faille.

In use, the on-board console by our test model, the Xroad FS 5, does more than work and offers flawless readability.

In fact, all of these “pluses” are fine, but not necessary. Can the FS5 be used on a daily basis? Can he help us to tame the urban jungle, to take the wild roads? Is he as comfortable on a bike ride in town as he is on a vacation on rough roads?

Widely. Very widely. In fact, the FS5 fulfills its mission. And this is how he was put to the test.

Everyday life in all its forms

Who would have thought that testing a bicycle in December would create cold, rain and night? It was in a damp and chilled day that the XRFS5 went with its tester.

First pleasant point: the saddle! Not only is it exquisite comfort, but it also preserves heat, helped it is true, by the tender part of the rider placed on it, which changes the rigid brown leather saddles which sacrifices the preservation of the chubby on the altar. of design.

Another successful point, the frame: the geometry is excellent and the aluminum very well suited. The weight is high, but ideally distributed so that the bike never surprises you, even in precariously balanced situations like going down stairs, jumping a few blocks, slippery floors, or sudden changes of direction on flooded ground. More than reassuring, cycling is pleasant, enjoyable, fun, easy.

No matter the weather or the time of day, the XRFS5 offers flawless consistency and linearity. To achieve this, the cycle part is helped and not by anything.

An exceptional progressive engine

To achieve such a pleasure of use, the bike is propelled by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor of 250W (maximum power authorized) and 85 Nm of torque (enough to tow the races of the month and a small passenger uphill steep).

But power is not everything. Far from there. There is a clutch system, now common, which prevents the engine from generating resistance once the 25 km / h bar is exceeded. And again, this is common these days. What is less is the perfectly controlled transition of this interval between 25 and 26 km / h.

Probablement l’un des meilleurs moteurs pour VAE avec les Shimano Steps.

Probably one of the best motors for e-bikes with Shimano Steps.

There is no dry cut. The motor attenuates the assistance between 24 and 25 but still continues to give you a little boost between 25 and 26 so much so that this problematic speed well known to eBike users is no longer a problem. We do not suddenly find ourselves moving a mass of 25 kg.

Un petit curseur (type égaliseur audio) est situé à droite du « turbo » et indique le degré d’assistance en temps réel.

A small slider (audio equalizer type) is located to the right of the “turbo” and indicates the degree of assistance in real time.

As mentioned above, once the legal limit is crossed, an automatic disengagement prevents the electric motor from offering the famous resistance (or electromagnetic braking) and therefore having to fight against the weight of the bicycle and against the motor.

La commande de sélection est accessible, même avec des gants.

The selection command is accessible, even with gloves.

Less sport, more comfort

But even a good editor has his limits. Let’s go back to our two suspension systems. Each offers 100mm of travel and takes care of all the rough edges of the road. We are the opposite of a carbon dry bike. Everything is soft, soft, mellow. It feels like driving on a sandwich bread road. The flip side is the amount of energy dissipated in this damping.

Where a pedal stroke on a dry bike transmits a lot of energy to the rear wheel, on this Mustache X Road FS 5, much of it is dissipated in damping. Tires also influence this energy loss: they are wide, soft, offer a large contact surface with the ground and a high waist (there is a lot of rubber). So they also cushion.

Astuce : le nettoyage peut se faire à l’eau déminéralisée froide (les stations de lavage en proposent) puis séchage et graissage des éléments mécaniques.

Tip: cleaning can be done with cold demineralized water (washing stations offer it) then drying and lubricating the mechanical parts.

Add to that the weight of 25 kilos and you get a huge effort demand to keep up with a pace beyond the 25 km / h limit. The progressive stress reduction system helps with the transition, but eventually disappears, leaving the feeling of pulling an anvil.

This is why the very idea of ​​playing sports with this machine is possible but unattractive in terms of performance and consuming energy. Therefore, getting all the details of your progress via an on-board computer which does not do better than a good smartphone application sounds like a very dispensable option.

XROAD, for muddy Saturdays!

When you are told when you hand over the bike “ it is ready for urban use, but also for going off the beaten track “, you immediately think of this:

So no, we didn’t try to pull out a few tricks between two transfers with it (although it was tempting) but rather put it through the daily grind of a mountain bike.

Suppose you are dressed in a nice suit from Zara, ready to shoot an advertisement for online trader training that will be broadcast in pre-roll on YouTube, but that, by an unfortunate twist of fate you find yourself having to take a path worthy of an outing with Pauline Ferrand-Prévost, know that the X-Road will preserve your beautiful plumage, with the exception of your shoes, which will drink .

Le garde-boue conçu par Moustache fait un travail remarquable en plus d’intégrer la totalité du câblage dédié au feu arrière.

The Mustache designed fender does an outstanding job in addition to integrating all of the dedicated rear light wiring.

Two things will then happen during your journey: the first is the discovery of the ease with which the bike will keep its trajectory and offer exemplary stability, helped by its set of suspensions, its tires, its frame , its weight and its engine, whose torque adapts perfectly to variations in grip.

Even the tires, despite being designed for regular ground, perform well in extreme situations. Evacuation is still limited (crampons are short), true, but sufficient for many situations.

The second is the growing urge to put on a helmet to roam and then hurtle down any wild terrain that comes your way. In fact, this bike is a huge advertisement for assisted or unassisted mountain biking.

Un bon 100m de D+ dans la boue sans effort, est-ce tricher ?

A good 100m of D + in mud without effort, is it cheating?

Thus, and this is the icing on the whipped cream at the top of the cake (103 kg we said), the XRFS5 can allow itself a few weekend outings, mainly downhill and with a small change of tires if really the land is wild.

Suitable for everyone, but not for everyone

After this month of testing and as it was being written, everything suggested that we had the perfect bike here. Ideal, adapted to each and everyone. A bike that can handle any situation and take you far, all the time, everywhere.

Several things limit access to it. The price is obviously one of the problematic points. Certainly the bicycle is expensive to produce, by its design and the components it carries. Faced with an electric scooter at the same price that he did not ride in France in the Vosges, this is not absurd as a price. But in the mind of an average consumer and for an object intended for more practical than sporting use, it matters.

Le vélo n’est pas simplement joli, il est aussi très bien conçu et tient parfaitement sa promesse de polyvalence.

The bike is not just pretty, it is also very well designed and perfectly fulfills its promise of versatility.

Then comes the value of the item in the face of the high risk of theft. More than 1000 bikes are stolen daily in France. So unless you have a safe place to put it down during the day and store it at night, those who have to let it sleep outside or in a bike room will have a hard time paying the 4,500 euros requested. Even with good insurance. You can have two very efficient and qualitative electric bikes at this price.

Il faudra un grand ascenseur pour faire rentrer le FS5 et ses roues de 27,5 pouces ! Sinon, ce seront presque 30 kg bien encombrants à porter.

It will take a big lift to bring in the FS5 and its 27.5 inch wheels! Otherwise, it will be almost 30 kg very bulky to carry.

Autonomy: long as a day without bread

The autonomy offered by the 625 Wh battery is remarkable. In turbo mode (i.e. with maximum non-stop assistance) and with a weight of 103 kg on it, the bike has always held at least 50 km, even with violent climbs on a muddy wheel.

The maximum being 70 km of mixed route (uphill, flat, ground). So no need to charge it once at the office, it will hold the return normally. Another interesting point is that there is no drop in assist power when the battery is almost empty.

We keep the potato until the end. A reserve is however preserved for, if the need arises, to move the bicycle on foot. A dedicated button then offers assistance, which can be very useful when climbing for example or when the tire is flat. Also, the 4A charger requires 4 hours for a full charge.

Price and availability of the Mustache Samedi 27 Xroad FS 5

The XRFS 5 is in direct competition with its big brother, the XRFS7 which still offers better quality components for 800 euros more. A cost which is admittedly high, but which becomes relative once you are ready to part with 4,500 euros and have no storage problems. The cycle is available on the brand’s official website. Depending on your region, financial aid is available to you to lower the price of the device .

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