Microsoft taunts Apple with this new ad for the Surface Pro 7

Marketing is a way for tech giants to promote their products and point the finger at the competition. Some are excellent in this field …

Promoting the merits of your products in advertisements is no easy task. There are several options for doing this. You can focus on the product itself, call on an ambassador, start with something very artistic or mock a competing product or even a competing brand. Microsoft is doing with their ad for the Surface Pro 7 .

Microsoft taunts Apple for praising the merits of its Surface Pro 7

The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple dates back decades, and although Microsoft helped Apple through a rough patch when then-CEO Bill Gates bought for 150 million dollars Apple’s non-voting shares and had offered the Apple brand free access to the Office suite on Mac computers.

compared to MacBook Pro

That being said, competition is, more often than not, a good thing. It pushes companies to do better, which Microsoft is trying to convince us today in their latest ad where the Redmond company compares the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to the Apple MacBook Pro.

In the ad in question, to be discovered below, it is about the fact that the Surface Pro 7 comes with a stylus and that this one can be used for drawing and taking notes. The touch is also, obviously, put forward, while recalling the very limited functionality of the touch restricted to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. On this aspect, Apple seems to admit its failure, the operation should not be continued with the next models.

Microsoft also explains how its Surface Pro 7 is more portable than the MacBook Pro thanks to its detachable keyboard and how it is “more powerful” and also more interesting for video games. Last but not least the American giant points the finger at the price. The Surface Pro 7 is much less expensive than the MacBook Pro. Very true aspects, on paper. In the end, it is all about preference, a purely subjective choice. But this new advertising clearly comes to maintain the rivalry between the two gloves.

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