Microsoft reveals that it tried to buy Nintendo at one time

Video games have been around for many years now. Its market has seen a number of different players. There are now three main ones …

If the video game market has obviously changed a lot since the appearance of the very first games and the first consoles, in recent years it has stabilized and shaped around three big names, namely Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo . But, as often, things could have been very different. We thus learn today that the Redmond firm had one day attempted to buy Big N .

Microsoft had tried to buy Nintendo in 2001

The video game market is currently in the hands of three major international companies. We quoted them just above, you know them very well, they are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. That being said, about twenty years ago, everything could have changed. Microsoft had indeed tried to reduce this number to two by trying to buy Nintendo.

Yes, you read that right. This attempt dates back to 2001, before the launch of the Xbox and it is told to us by Kevin Bachus, former director of public relations at Microsoft. Our man told Bloomberg that then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer asked them to contact Nintendo to gauge their interest in a possible Microsoft takeover.

A rather humiliating attempt for the Redmond firm

And according to Kevin Bachus, this meeting did not really end well for the American giant, to say the least: ‚ÄúSteve [Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft, Editor’s note] sent us meet with Nintendo to see if they would consider being redeemed. They just laughed at us. Really. As if someone were spending an hour in front of you laughing at you. That’s kind of how this meeting went. ”

It’s hard to be really surprised. Nintendo, at that time, was a successful company in the video game world, it didn’t need Microsoft’s help, whatever it was. But it’s still interesting to consider that the future, our present, could have been made with just Microsoft and Sony.

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