Microsoft launches Autofill, its own password manager

Passwords may not be very popular, they are now required to protect our digital life. A password manager is becoming essential today.

Managing your passwords on a daily basis is a task that a simple human brain cannot do. Indeed, today our passwords must be complex, and different. To remember this, we are happy to use a password manager. There are a large number of them today. And we welcome a new one with Autofill , creation of Microsoft .

Microsoft launches its own password manager

If you use Google Chrome , you will know that Google has built in its own password manager. Apple, on the other hand, has its iCloud Keychain and it looks like Microsoft now wants to be there too. The Redmond firm has just launched its Autofill password management tool, available for many platforms. This includes iOS and Android, where the tool is part of the Authenticator app, as well as the Google Chrome browser where it will take the form of an extension.

Microsoft Autofill joins an already well supplied market

For those who don’t know, password managers help users remember and store their passwords. These tools also often make it possible to automatically fill in the identifiers in the connection forms on the sites and applications. Sometimes even these software can help users generate complex passwords.

Microsoft’s new Autofill password manager has it all. We will then simply ask the question of why this one and not another. If you have been using the Microsoft Authenticator app for a while, for example, you will benefit from using the Autofill feature.

And on the other hand, if the other password managers don’t seem to convince you, you can always give Microsoft’s solution a chance. The Redmond firm said it is also working to simplify importing saved passwords into Chrome and some other tools. If you are interested, you just have to test.

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