Microsoft is close to buying voice recognition giant Nuance

Acquisitions are rife, including in the tech world. For the giants, it is even very common. Microsoft is currently eyeing the voice recognition giant Nuance.

In the tech world, like everywhere else, business acquisitions / mergers are very common. The tech giants buy out small, or big companies, on a very regular basis. Certain transactions are obviously more talked about, because the entities and / or the sums concerned are important. Now it looks like Microsoft wants to afford speech recognition giant Nuance .

Microsoft is eyeing the voice recognition specialist Nuance

Discord may not be the only major target right now for potential Microsoft acquisitions. If we are to believe the serious Bloomberg, the Redmond firm is in “advanced talks” to buy another tech giant, in this case Nuance, which specializes in voice recognition. An agreement that would turn around 16 billion dollars. Although at this point there is no guarantee that it will happen, negotiations have reportedly advanced enough for both sides to publicly announce a deal in the days to come. Contacted on the matter, both Microsoft and Nuance declined to comment.

An agreement could be found soon at around 16 billion dollars

It is difficult to know precisely why Microsoft would want to acquire Nuance. However, a takeover could offer a number of advantages to the American giant. Nuance is well known for its speech recognition tool powered by artificial intelligence and Microsoft could integrate this technology, as well as other AI-based tools – including those for customer service – in its own products. This potential agreement could also greatly serve Microsoft’s ambitions in the health sector. The Redmond firm has previously worked with Nuance on the Cloud for Healthcare platform as well as other smaller projects. One of them, for example, is about turning doctor-patient conversations into medical records.

And that wouldn’t necessarily pose a danger to Nuance’s public technologies like the Dragon Anywhere voice dictation software. It wouldn’t be surprising, however, to see Microsoft rethink its strategy for this software, so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing some or all of this software arriving in Microsoft apps and services.

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