Microsoft Edge will manage website notifications smarter

Web browsers today are much more than just “website viewers”, so to speak. These are packed with additional functions to simplify navigation. Microsoft Edge is one of the most advanced.

With the modern web came a system that we see a lot today on very popular sites, notifications. These can appear directly in your browser even if you are not on the site in question. And it can get pretty boring quickly. Microsoft Edge has decided to manage in a smarter way .

Microsoft Edge will improve its handling of website notifications

If you are used to spending time on the net, you have probably come across sites (too many sites) that ask you whether or not you want to receive their notifications. This is a very useful feature for sites that you visit regularly and for which you just want to be notified of news but at the same time, the experience can be quite indelicate insofar as we see this demand appear every time you visit a site.

using feedback from Internet users

Microsoft is aware of the situation and is preparing to introduce some changes in this regard in its Edge browser. The software will now be more “intelligent” in the management of these notifications. This will notably involve collecting and analyzing Internet users’ impressions of these notifications. So, if the majority of users choose not to receive site notifications, Microsoft will take that trend into consideration when assigning a dissatisfaction score.

If this score were to exceed a certain threshold, then Edge would assume that Internet users do not want to have notifications from that particular site and would silence the notification system for that site. Of course, since this is purely participatory information, you might still see these notifications if the score isn’t high enough for Edge to make the decision for you.

According to the Microsoft press release, “we will use regularly updated data so that sites can offer a better notification experience to their Internet users. This should be a strong motivation for sites to follow best practices and ask for notifications when they think users are most likely to agree. For sites that offer silent requests, we will run randomly to display this opt-in request to ensure we measure whether the site should offer this full request with an improved user experience. ”

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