Mercedes: we tried the latest on-board technologies from the manufacturer

True standard-bearer of the Mercedes range, while waiting for the EQS, the 100% electric sedan, the S-Class remains the technological showcase of the brand and carries a list of equipment as long as the arm. We were able to try them out.

L’habitacle de la Mercedes Classe S

The interior of the Mercedes S-Class // Source: Marius Hanin

“S” stands for “Special”, the Mercedes S-Class is special in more ways than one and not just its seventh and latest generation, the technologies of which we will present to you today. For decades, the S-Class has been a car that has become inseparable from the history of the automobile . Since the 1950s and the Type 220, seven generations have passed and three million units have been sold worldwide.

The flagship of the star firm, it is also the standard bearer of the automotive industry when it comes to technology, especially when it comes to safety. Several technologies, now democratized, have been introduced in the S-Class, notably ABS in 1978, the first airbag in 1981, the first ESP in 1995 and the first adaptive cruise control in 1998.

This new generation of Mercedes S-Class showcases high-level driver assistance technologies, while accentuating the on-board experience by pampering both driver and passengers. We will therefore, through this dossier, sift through all the technologies presented aboard one of the most technological and luxurious cars on the automotive market.

Up to five screens on board

Almost all new cars have one or two screens. More generally, this is the central screen, which is tactile and which manages all of the car’s controls, the second replacing the instrumentation system. These two screens, we obviously have them within the Mercedes S-Class, with three other screens behind.

The two main ones are attached to the headrests at the front, are tactile and are 11.6 inches. The last screen is a touchscreen tablet supplied by Samsung and which integrates the MBUX application . This allows rear passengers to control several elements of the car, mainly the multimedia system.

À l’intérieur de la Mercedes Classe S, à la place du Président

Inside the Mercedes S-Class, in place of the President // Source: Marius Hanin

The 12.8-inch OLED center display

This is the technological heart of our Mercedes S-Class. With a beautiful resolution of 1888 × 1728 pixels, this touchscreen allows you to control absolutely all the functions of the car . This screen is also reminiscent of that of some Tesla and allows you to manage driving assistance systems, multimedia, active ambient lighting (with no less than 64 colors), or even locate you precisely in space thanks to a parking system working with cameras to model the environment around the vehicle.

This screen is obviously customizable and has a biometric identification in order to record all the data and preferences of the various users of the car. A rather practical technology for vehicles to be used by several drivers for example.

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