MacBook Pro: the new design could resurrect the SD slot

Designing a product takes a lot of work. It is for this reason that the giants of the tech do not modify them very often, or at least not in depth …

Coming up with a brand new design on one of its products takes a lot of work. First of all, there is the design itself, but also, and above all, the whole engineering part to be able to integrate the components, allow production, etc. This explains why companies do not offer original designs very regularly. Rather, we are witnessing gradual changes and from time to time a real breakthrough. A well-known process at Apple in particular

The SD card reader back in the new MacBook Pro?

The design of Apple’s MacBook has remained more or less unchanged for a few years now and although we have nothing to reproach it with, it would be good for the Cupertino company to shake things up a bit. things with something totally new. We have already had a few rumors of the arrival of a redesign. Today, a Bloomberg article reveals a potential “new” feature in this new design.

This is what Bloomberg says

The report in question claims that the Apple brand could reinstate the SD card reader in the new design of its MacBook Pro. Although we appreciate the homogeneous and clean design of recent MacBooks, the fact that the brand has removed so many ports, including the SD slot, was quite problematic, especially since it was very useful to many users.

That being said, the report therefore gives us hope that this functionality will return. The last time an SD card reader was present in the MacBook Pro was in 2016. Photographers and other mobile content creators have since had to travel with a USB hub and / or dongle to read their cards.

The Bloomberg report also corroborates a previous note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who suggested that Apple may acknowledge its failure on the Touch Bar. The new MacBook Pro shouldn’t offer this feature.

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