Like Tesla, Hot Wheels postpones the release of its Cybertrucks

Hot Wheels is one of those brands that spans the decades with amazing ease. This notably involves keeping a current catalog …

Tesla makes cars for the real world. Hot Wheels Toy cars for young and old. When Tesla proudly announced its upcoming Cybertruck, Hot Wheels was quick to announce the arrival of a scale model, for fans of all ages. The Tesla Cybertruck had to be postponed. Hot Wheels therefore decides to postpone its scale models . Logical, right?

Like Tesla, Hot Wheels must postpone the release of its Cybertruck scale models

Tesla is known to market its electric vehicles always a little behind the initial schedule. This is particularly the case with its Cybertruck, an ultra modern pickup that is very interesting on paper. So it makes sense, in the end, to learn that the toy versions of the Cybertruck won’t arrive on time either. As Bloomberg reports, the two radio-controlled vehicles designed by Mattel, the US giant that owns Hot Wheels and Barbie, were originally due to arrive this month. Because of an “unforeseen production problem”, as the company explains in an email to customers, the estimated delivery date is postponed to May 2021. Too bad for those who hoped to put one of these radio-controlled scale models at the foot of the tree.

We will now have to wait until May 2021

Hot Wheels cars were announced last February. One is a 1:64 scale replica of the Tesla Cybertruck and costs $ 19.99 while the other is a bit larger, at 1:10, but priced at $ 399.99. The real Cybertruck, meanwhile, was revealed in November 2019 during a dedicated event in Los Angeles. It was during this presentation that the engineers had exploded two windows supposed to be armored with a single metal bullet. Production of the twin-engine ($ 49,900) and triple-engine ($ 69,900) versions is expected to start late next year. The single engine version ($ 39,900) will follow in the course of 2022.

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