LEGO Mario: a new set on sale, there are 4 new villains in it, details

LEGO Mario : un nouveau set en vente, il y a 4 nouveaux méchants dedans, les détails

Released on August 1, 2020, LEGO Mario is the result of the collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO who offer a new type of toys, more interactive and in the spirit of the games of the Kyoto firm. A real commercial success, especially at Christmas, the Starter Pack sold for € 60 has been accompanied for several months by various additional sets to broaden children’s inventiveness. Precisely, LEGO and Nintendo continue to enrich their collaboration with the arrival of a new set, responding to the name of “Invente ton aventure”, and which was the subject of a 2-minute video that allows us to see the news. We will remember above all the presence of 4 enemies of Mario that are Goomba, Paratroopa, Larry and finally a Bob-Omb. There will also be other objects such as a Block-Time and others more customizable. Once again, it will be possible to create several different routes with the same number of coins offered in the new pack, namely 366 coins. Something to have fun for hours on end.