KOF XV: Benimaru Nikaido betrays Kyo Kusanagi and team Japan, a new trailer

KOF XV : Benimaru Nikaido trahit Kyo Kusanagi et la team Japan, un nouveau trailer

Stalled like a Swiss watch, SNK has just released a new video dedicated to The King of Fighters XV, which we will call KOF 15 for convenience. It is certainly 3am in France, but in Japan, it is already the full day and therefore the right time to honor Benimaru Nikaido, the long-standing partner of Kyo Kusanagi. Only here, this trailer allows us to see that the man with the electric powers decided to make an infidelity to his buddy of always by integrating the team of Shun’Ei and Meitenkun, which becomes by the same occasion the Hero Team. It is therefore a real upheaval in the organization of the teams and we imagine that everything will be explained in the story of the game. We understand better why Benimaru wears a Chinese blouse in this episode, it is indeed to do honor to the origins of his two new traveling companions. We are waiting to know more, as the release date of the game and the platforms on which it will be released. Let us be patient.