Katana Zero: Devolver's Little Pearl Coming Soon to PS4? All hopes are allowed

Katana Zero : la petite perle de Devolver bientôt sur PS4 ? Tous les espoirs sont permis

Available since 2019 on Nintendo Switch and PC, and last year on Xbox One, Katana Zero could land soon on PS4. This is in any case what suggests the ESRB which recently classified the little pearl of Devolver on the console of Sony Interactive Entertainment. For those who have not yet got their hands on the title of Adult Swim Games, we recall that we play there an amnesiac samurai responsible for carrying out murders on behalf of his psychiatrist.

In terms of gameplay, in addition to the combos that can be slammed with style, Katana Zero above all allows you to manipulate time in order to gain the upper hand over your opponents. If this starts to tickle you, we advise you to take a look at our test at this address .