Kanye West wanted to make a game with Nintendo, he kindly got repackaged

Kanye West voulait faire un jeu avec Nintendo, il s'est gentiment fait remballer

We may be one of the most popular and influential people in this world, but sometimes we run into a wall, or at least we get caught. a wind. This is exactly what happened between Kanye West, the famous rapper, and Reggie Fils-Aimé, ex-President of Nintendo of America, who almost collaborated together. The word “bankrupt” is very important because the story that was shared in a podcast, that of Talking Games with Reggie & Harold, is worth a look. Invited to talk about his years spent with Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aimé therefore left to some confidences, in particular this funny anecdote where Kanye West came to visit Nintendo on its booth during an E3. Mr. Kim Kardashian was able to meet Shigeru Miyamoto a few years ago and requested a subsequent official meeting to set up a professional collaboration.

“I want to work with Nintendo!” These are the words expressed by Kanye West, visibly very motivated by the idea of ​​making a game, or any collaboration with the Japanese firm. Obviously aware that video games are a promising industry, Kanye West wanted to expand his business and was experimenting with content for a video game. Reggie Fils-Aimé also specifies that Kim Kardashian was also present and that he found the meeting “interesting” . But the enthusiasm of the famous American rapper unfortunately did not seduce Miyamoto-san and even less the Nintendo teams, who found a way to decline his offer nicely.

Kanye, I don’t think you want to work with us, just because we are demanding, we are tough (in the “complicated” sense) . Our goal is to get people to have the best content. We are not the type of partner you would like to work with ”. And he looked at me and said, “Reggie, that’s exactly why you’re the type of collaborator I want to work with.”

Let us recall in passing that if Kanye West did not have the pleasure of collaborating with Nintendo, he was nevertheless able to work on the game Only One a few years ago. A trailer was also revealed during E3 2016, and this game developed by Encyclopedia Pictura featured the rapper’s mother and his journey to paradise. The game, despite artistic direction and a not uninteresting pitch, probably did not succeed. We let you (re) discover the trailer of the time.