JLab Audio JBuds Frames, headphones to attach directly to the glasses

Headphones have undergone a big period of evolution in recent years. True wireless systems are very popular today. But some remain resistant to intra-auriculars.

To listen to music discreetly, you can rely on in-ear headphones. That being said, not everyone necessarily supports having headphones in their ears. They then opt for over or circum-aural headphones. There is also the option of bone transduction. An even different alternative, so to speak, is that of JLab Audio , the JBuds Frames .

JLab Audio unveils its JBuds Frames

In recent years, Bose and Amazon have both released optical equipment, in this case glasses, with built-in speakers. JLab Audio took a slightly different approach. With the JBuds Frames, you will be able to attach two true wireless supra-aural speakers directly to the branches of your pair of glasses. So you can continue listening to your favorite music whether you are wearing your conventional eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Earphones to be attached directly to the temples of the glasses

The headphones, which weigh 11.7 grams each, incorporate 16.2 mm drivers and are IPX4 certified – therefore water resistant -. JLab claims its system offers 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. Note, it is also possible to use only one earpiece at a time to conserve battery power.

As usual with true wireless headphones, the JBuds Frames have a number of buttons allowing, among other things, to change the volume, to switch from one equalizer mode to another – with the choice between Signature and Bass boost – and accept or decline a call. It is impossible to talk about the audio quality of these JBuds Frames as it is not yet possible to test them in real conditions but JLab products are often of good quality for the prices at which they are offered.

JLab Audio JBuds Frames headphones are expected to be available in early spring. JLab intends to market them at the public price of $ 50, which would make them a much more affordable solution than Bose Frames and other Amazon Echo Frames.

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