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iPhone 8 Latest News & Rumors

Apple is a company which is and always will be at the top in the technological sector. The company has always created a buzz, whether it’s for the mobile phones, laptops or other electronic devices. The apple is known for its customer service and very reliable devices. For them, once the customer gets connected to them, the customer becomes their first priority from that very moment. Apple was founded on April 1, 1976. It was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple phone series is popularly known as the iPhone series while its laptop series is known as Mac. Apple also makes iPod, iPad, Apple Watch(Smart Watch), Apple TV and many other such amazing things.


The iPhone series is one of the most popular series worldwide. People go crazy whenever they hear that a new iPhone is coming to the market. Recently the iPhone 7 series was released in the market. The iPhone series for the very first time introduced the wireless earphones known as the Airpods. Airpods removed the most irritating feature of wired earphones which was wires getting tangled. The 7 series was also waterproof and dust proof. The iPhone is considered as a style status. It has a very eye pleasing design with the signature Apple logo at the back of the phone.

The iPhone 8 is also going to shake the market and will take the market competition to an another level. The iPhone 8 is rumoured to have wireless charging option available in it. Apple is moving to the concept of going more and more wireless by their new products range. Wireless charger will remove the problem of people being unable to use mobile phones while charging(It is advisable to not to use your mobile phones while charging). The iPhone 8 is expected to be priced around $1000(Rs. 67000 approx.). The news of whether the versions lower than the 8 series will get the option of wireless charging is not yet confirmed. But if it happens that the lower can also get the option of wireless charging then it will be a great hit in the market.

More information about the Apple iPhone 8 can be received by clicking this link.

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