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iPhone 8 Latest Features News

Apple iPhones always create a massive buzz in the market even much before its actual release. The iPhone 7 series was one the example of such buzz. When the news of the iPhone 7 was announced, people went crazy for it and there were many rumours too. Rumours such as that the 7 series will not have any physical buttons, the phone will have all screen even on its side. But all these rumours came to an end once the phone was released.


Although, the 7 series could not get these features but it still got many other amazing features like the phone is waterproof and dust-proof. The phone has a very classy look and fits perfectly in the user’s hand. The display of the phone will always amaze you as its very clear and has dynamic colours. The phone also has fingerprint sensor which is front mounted. The main feature which the iPhone 7 has and the previous version lacks is the removal of audio jack from the phone. By removing the audio jack from the phone the phone became slimmer.

The removal of the audio jack made the users worry but that worry was removed by the Apple after they launched the new wireless Airpods. The Airpods are very lightweight and compact. Airpods have removed the most irritable problem of wires getting tangled. The Airpods are quite costly although, but they are priced at a right amount considering the features it provides.

The latest buzz about the new iPhone 8 has also in the news nowadays. Thetege¬†has heard that may be the iconic home button from the 8 series will be removed from it. The home button has been on the phone since the release of the first iPhone. The home button also works as the fingerprint scanner for 5, 6 and 7 series of the Apple iPhone.By removing the home button the company aims of getting a larger screen size on a smaller sized handset. It will be quite an observation as to what will the company does on the new 8 series so that iPhone’s iconic design stays on it.

For more information about the new iPhone 8 click on this link.

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