iPhone 13: the arrival of a smaller notch becomes clearer

Smartphones today have a front panel almost entirely dedicated to the screen. With the exception of a notch, or a punch, for the front sensors …

To make room for the screen on the front cover, smartphone makers had to find solutions. At Apple , that’s the notch, for now. Still, this one is still quite impressive. Too much for some. But the Cupertino company is working to reduce it, and a more compact version could be introduced with the iPhone 13.

Will the iPhone 13 have a smaller notch?

If you don’t like the current notch design of the iPhone, maybe you are waiting for the next generation? Indeed, although several reports have already suggested that the apple mark did not seem to intend to make it disappear right away, it may soon be less imposing and less visible. At least, that’s what a new DigiTimes article announces. According to their sources, the next iPhone, iPhone 13 if it is so called, could therefore carry a smaller notch.

A new report from DigiTimes reinforces the rumor

Apparently, this change is due to the introduction of a new system for Face ID, a system that would need less space . In fact, the notch on the front panel could be reduced. The report claims that this was made possible because the different sensors would now be combined in the same camera module. This would make the whole thing quite similar to the LiDAR scanner found in the rear camera module.

It’s impossible at this point to know how much smaller the notch will be, but hopefully the decrease is enough to make a real difference. This is not the first time that we have heard rumors mentioning a smaller notch on the iPhone 13. This does not therefore formalize the thing but it does make it more consistent.

There have also been rumors that Apple may finally bring Touch ID technology back to its iPhone, via an integrated sensor under the display. This heralds great things for this next generation of iPhone …

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