iPhone 13: not all models would be entitled to the 120 Hz screen

Now that the iPhone 12 has been released, even though it’s only been a few weeks, all eyes are on the next model, the iPhone 13. And there are already enough rumors.

The iPhone 12 has recently been available for sale. So this is no longer a hot topic for analysts specializing in the ecosystem of Apple . They now have their eyes on the next generation, the iPhone 13 , due out at the end of 2021. What do we think we already know about this generation? Here is new information regarding his screen.

A 120 Hz display for the iPhone 13?

Among the many rumors surrounding the iPhone 12, we read here and there that this year’s iPhone would be entitled to a 120 Hz screen. It is clear that this was unfortunately not not the case. That being said, other rumors suggest that it will be for next year’s generation, the iPhone 13. This one could be equipped with such a screen, but it seems that this screen is not integrated in all. the models.

According to a report from The Elec, Apple is reportedly using LTPO displays in its 2021 iPhones. We heard about this rumor last month, but the report states that not all iPhone 13s will have right to this technology. The publication claims that only two of the four models planned for next year will benefit from this technology and that would concern the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Maybe, but not for all models

The report in question also suggests that the Cupertino company wishes to use LTPO displays precisely for this refresh rate of 120 Hz as it is more efficient in its energy management. In other words, it would allow devices to take advantage of 120 Hz without significantly impacting battery life. And finally, this is quite logical as a reflection since, at the moment, only iPad Pros are entitled to a 120 Hz screen. All the others are still confined to 60 Hz.

To be fair, 60Hz is more than adequate most of the time, but since some manufacturers and brands offer devices with higher refresh rates, it looks like Apple is lagging behind. But the Cupertino company likes to take its time to make sure it’s done right, with proven technology, for a seamless user experience.

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