IPhone 13 may be compatible with WiFi 6E

Now that the iPhone 12 is available, analysts and the trade press have their eyes riveted on the iPhone 13. What could this next generation have to offer?

Each year, Apple adds new features, both hardware and software, to its iPhone . These reflect the technological advances of the market, with more or less “delay”, the time for Apple to ensure that the standards are established and sufficiently proven. What can the iPhone 13 hold in store for us?

Will the iPhone 13 be compatible with WiFi 6E?

The iPhone 12 from the Cupertino company was compatible with WiFi 6, for ever higher speeds at home. But it seems that the next version of iPhone, which is quite logically called iPhone 13, could be compatible with a newer, and even better, version of WiFi 6, namely WiFi 6E.

For those who do not really know the difference between the two, you should know that WiFi 6E is similar to WiFi 6 in that it shares the same advantages as previous versions of this wireless communication protocol . That being said, among the novelties, we will mention its possibility of taking advantage of the 6 GHz band. In other words, WiFi 6E can go beyond the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands currently in use. This will increase the bandwidth and limit interference between devices connected via WiFi.

For ever more impressive connectivity and user experiences

WiFi 6E will unlock the potential of a number of devices and entire industries, such as augmented and virtual realities as well as other wearables, or is that at least the opinion of Vijay Nagarajan, an executive at chipmaker Broadcom, who said in January: “The 6 GHz band will be perhaps the most important advance for WiFi users in the last twenty years. This band of spectrum, coupled with WiFi, will be the basis for new user experiences on smartphones, AR / VR devices and wearables that haven’t even been invented yet. ”

Although it may indeed still be a little early to discuss the iPhone 13, it has already been rumored for some time that Apple may revert to a September / October launch schedule for its 2021 iPhone. And in addition to this famous WiFi 6E, the Cupertino company could also integrate 120 Hz screens.

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