iPhone 12: here is the first MagSafe battery

Our current smartphones are extremely powerful devices but unfortunately very limited by their battery. They often have to be plugged in after just one day of use.

To be able to use our smartphones for more than a day, you must either stay close to an electrical outlet or have an external battery with you. There are hundreds of models today, some more powerful than others, wired or wireless. But these solutions require you to carry the battery with you, and often a cable. And the option of the holster with built-in battery is often very impressive. Here is a MagSafe solution for the iPhone 12 .

Charge Fast unveils a MagSafe external battery

The problem with external batteries and cases with built-in battery is that these solutions are not very convenient to use. You need a cable or else agree to end up with a very thick smartphone. That being said, if you need to charge your device very easily, you might be interested in what appears to be the first third-party MagSafe power bank for the iPhone.

For those of you who don’t know, along with the iPhone 12, Apple is relaunching its MagSafe brand, this time with magnets for wireless charging. The use of magnets means that accessories are held in place – more than with a conventional wireless solution – but also that it is easy to remove the device, without the hassle of cables.

for iPhone 12

The battery we are interested in today is sold by a company called Charge Fast, and depending on the manufacturer, it offers 15W or 20W wireless charging via cable. To date, we haven’t seen many third-party MagSafe accessories for the iPhone yet. Seeing this one appear on the market is very interesting, it bodes well for things to come.

It is currently impossible to say if this accessory keeps its promises but if you are interested, know that you can order yours directly on the Charge Fast site for the sum of 45 $ (against 90 $ at the future public rate).

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