iOS 14: some users are already seeing the popup allowing or not allowing tracking

iOS 14 was to introduce a number of new features. Among these, a very controversial one relating to user tracking. Its deployment had also been postponed, but …

Like any major new version of iOS, iOS 14 was an opportunity for Apple to introduce a number of new features. Among these, the arrival of widgets directly on the home screen. Another important feature, but certainly less visible, is the ability to choose whether or not to accept being tracked by applications and sites. What made many teeth cringe.

The tracking choice popup starts to appear in iOS

Among the changes still expected in iOS in 2021, we will therefore cite more extensive controls with respect to privacy. Apple will soon give users the ability to block apps from tracking them across apps and websites. That being said, it appears that some users may take advantage of this option ahead of time.

Some users are indeed sharing screenshots here and there, especially on the MacRumors forums, showing the appearance of the popup asking them if they want an app to track them through other apps and Web sites. The feature is expected to debut in iOS 14.4, and has already started appearing in beta.

And the function always makes you cringe

That being said, this feature is controversial, to say the least. Many companies rely on this kind of practice to generate income. This is particularly the case of Facebook which recently launched a major advertising campaign in the print media, claiming that this new function will negatively impact small businesses.

Apple responded to this ad, simply claiming to be the defender of personal data and guardian of user privacy. This is not the first time that Apple has drawn the ire of advertisers by implementing more extensive controls. However, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for the advertising industry to have users with finer control over their data.

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