iOS 14.3 supports the ProRAW image format

Photography has evolved enormously in recent years. It has now largely shifted to smartphones. And these devices have become more and more efficient in this area.

In all areas, the needs between professionals and amateurs are significantly different. The former need more performance, responsiveness, options, possibilities than the general public, certainly. This is especially true in the world of photography . A fortiori since the advent of mobile photography . Apple is fully aware of .

iOS 14.3 introduces the ProRAW format

One of the reasons professional photographers like to take their shots in RAW format is because it gives them more flexibility when the time comes to retouch their photos. Conversely, other formats such as JPEG are already processed, and often compressed, which applies certain undesirable effects and artefacts.

Photographers who take their photos on iPhone will certainly be happy to hear that Apple has just rolled out its iOS 14.3 update, which brings native support for the RAW format to recent iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

A slightly reworked version of the RAW photo format

If this is your first time hearing about all of this, Apple announced during its iPhone event that its Pro models will be compatible with the company’s ProRAW format. Basically, this is Apple’s revised RAW format. Some applications already made it possible to capture photos in RAW on the iPhone, but the ProwRAW is the official answer from the Cupertino company, so to speak.

That being said, unlike RAW images captured by cameras, Apple’s ProRAW already does some processing. In other words, this is not 100% true RAW, but users will be able to perform the same post-processing as they do with a regular RAW file.

It should also be noted that ProRAW files are quite large. Indeed, Apple claims that each ProRAW snapshot is about 25 MB. It should therefore be quite easy to fill the storage of your iPhone if you do not regularly clean your photos – and that you always keep the ProRAW format. , obviously -.

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