Instagram now supports Apple ProRAW format

The digital world is evolving enormously, and very quickly. The file formats handled logically follow this trend. And that requires constant adaptation work for web platforms.

Running any web platform requires very frequent attention. Without speaking of the functional additions, it is necessary to optimize the performances, to update the external booksellers, to fix the possible security holes and other bugs. It’s an everyday job. It also requires adapting to the market and to new technologies when they arise. Today, it’s Instagram following the movement, and more precisely the ProRAW .

Instagram is compatible with Apple ProRAW files

Among the new features introduced by Apple during its latest generation of iPhone , we can mention its new photo “format” called ProRAW. To be fair and precise, this is not strictly speaking a new format as it is derived directly from the existing RAW format. Some then wondered about the value of this format and especially if it would only be usable on iOS and Mac devices. It would appear that this is not the case.

Indeed, according to a tweet from Tim Johnsen, member of the iOS branch at Instagram, the platform now supports snapshots in ProRAW format. This means that users who are currently taking their photos in ProRAW can upload them directly to Instagram. Without having to convert them to a more popular format like PNG or JPG.

But only for display, not for editing

At the moment, it’s hard to know exactly what this support means. According to Tim Johnsen, it appears that users are not able to edit ProRAW photos in the Instagram app. This will require using another application, whether it is the image editor offered by Apple or Lightroom or otherwise, before uploading the photos to Instagram.

Instagram will most likely make its application compatible for editing ProRAW files (and RAW files for that matter), but until then, you have to settle for that support of ProRAW files for viewing. Which is already good, certainly.

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