Instagram Lite: the new application weighs only 2 MB

Today we consume data almost without realizing it. However, not everyone is in the same boat. For some, connectivity is almost nonexistent. Each MB must be carefully consumed.

While developed countries have sufficiently developed infrastructures to offer almost everyone a connection to the internet , this is not the case everywhere. Some areas are still left out, and in those places, just getting connected is a miracle. We then pay close attention to how we consume the data. Some mobile applications have understood this well. This is the case with Instagram with its new Instagram Lite app .

Instagram unveils its new “lite” application

Not all countries, and sometimes all regions of the same country, have access to a fast and stable internet connection. It is for this reason that some companies have developed “lite” (“light”) versions of their applications, for a smaller footprint and an overall operation less demanding for users living in these regions. Today Instagram returns with a new “lite” version that only displays 2MB on the scale.

And if you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it’s because Instagram just pulled its “lite” app from app stores a few months ago. The platform then announced that it was working on a completely new version. It is now ready, it has just been formalized. With the small detail that it is apparently, for the moment, available only in India.

Only 2 MB, with main functionalities

Instagram Lite app works like regular app, users have access to all main features like News Feed and Stories. But to save weight, the new, more accessory features, such as Reels and IGTV, have been removed. Just like the stickers based on augmented reality that you can normally integrate by posting your Stories. But for the rest, everything is functional.

It’s unclear if Instagram has plans to bring its app to other parts of the world, including outside of the developing world. Because, let’s be clear, having a “lite” application like this could be very useful for some users in countries where internet connection is not a concern. Especially for those who just read their news feed and / or post content from time to time.

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