Instagram launches new feature to better protect against account theft

As with any web service, Instagram users can have their accounts stolen. And getting it back is sometimes not easy.

Account hacks on digital platforms, including unauthorized access to said accounts or even account theft, are quite frequent. The platforms have a number of tools to secure the access and identities of legitimate users, but this still happens too frequently. Instagram is now implementing a new measure .

Instagram rolls out a new feature

Quite often, we learn here and there that such and such a person, more or less close, has had their Instagram account hacked. The person responsible for this theft frequently take the opportunity to delete the content posted by the account. And since you don’t always keep backups of all the photos you share on Instagram, this kind of mischief can have serious consequences for an account that has a lot of followers and a lot of posts.

to protect content in the event of account hacking

That being said, there is good news on this point. Instagram has rolled out a new feature to protect users in the event of account theft. This feature displays “recently deleted” content, allowing you to restore photos, videos, Reels, IGTV videos and Stories that may have been deleted unintentionally.

How can this protect against hackers and other account theft? In the event that this kind of mishap should happen to you and you regain access to your account, then you can restore the content that has been deleted, as long as the deletion is less than 30 days old. Indeed, to permanently delete any content, Instagram now requires users to confirm that they are the legitimate owner of said account via email or text message.

This means that even if a hacker gets their hands on your Instagram credentials, and your phone and email account have not been compromised, they will not be able to permanently delete your content.

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