Instagram could borrow a feature from TikTok

It is a common practice for different publishers to borrow features from the competition. Social platforms do a lot.

Social media platforms are very numerous today. And yet, they all look very similar. The teams have indeed gotten into the habit of borrowing the most interesting features here and there. Which Instagram would do once again, this time drawing from its competitor TikTok .

Instagram would like to change its method of browsing the Stories

Those who use Instagram and regularly browse Stories know that to switch from one Story to another, you have to tap the left or right of the screen. TikTok , on the other hand, uses a different navigation method, requiring users to scroll down to switch to another video.

To offer something similar to TikTok

And it looks like Instagram today is interested in borrowing this method from TikTok. At least, that’s what developer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered. Instagram is reportedly currently testing a new way of browsing Stories, and it would be very similar to TikTok’s. According to our man, the feature is not yet deployed, it is only present in the code of Instagram.

This suggests that Instagram could turn it on in an upcoming update, or at least turn it on in some handpicked users to test this novelty. It wouldn’t be the first time Instagram has borrowed a feature from TikTok. The company had previously deployed its Reels feature, to directly compete with TikTok with its short format videos.

The idea behind this change in Stories might be to want to attract more TikTok users to your own platform. By offering a more familiar navigation, the transition to Instagram would be less difficult for TikTok users ready to take the plunge.

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