Insomniac Games: Drew Murray is back

Following his departure from The Initiative (Xbox Game Studios), Drew Murray returns to Insomniac Games to work on PS5 exclusives.

While he had to refocus on his personal life following the death of his brother, Drew Murray is not giving up on the gaming industry. Main responsible for Perfect Dark’s game design at The Initiative, the latter finally decided to return to the studio where it all started for him, no doubt to find a more family setting: “ I suppose that ten years, five games and six different positions just weren’t enough. I am delighted to meet many friends and former colleagues at Insomniac Games as a lead designer. So this will be my seventh job title. Now I just need to work a few days and play games, don’t I?

Insomniac Games picks up Drew Murray from The Initiative

Within Insomniac Games , a PlayStation Studios subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Drew Murray was a junior designer on Resistance: Fall of Man, designer on Ratchet and Clank Future : Tools of Destruction, senior designer on Resistance 2, lead designer on Resistance 3 and finally game director on Sunset Overdrive. What if the time had come to relaunch the Resistance license on PS5? A simple guess that would make sense with this unexpected return and the recent arrival of artistic director John Sweeney ( The Last of Us 2).

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