In Ulm, Germany, solar-powered capsules for the homeless

Winters can be harsh in some parts of the world. And no need to go very far to realize it. A particularly difficult period for the homeless in particular.

Winter is a season that can wreak havoc in some parts of the world. And you don’t have to go very far to find out. Every year, snowfall, frost and cold cause accidents and sometimes even deaths. Homeless people are particularly vulnerable during this season, but their lives can be simplified. Here is an example .

Ulm Nest, small capsules of wood and steel for the homeless

Winters can be very brutal for people who have no roof over their heads, no warm, welcoming place to spend those cold days and nights. A situation that does not leave some people indifferent. In Germany, in the city of Ulm, there are small solar-powered capsules that have been thought and designed to help homeless people stay warm.

Powered by solar energy

These capsules were named Ulmer Nest. They are made of wood and steel and can accommodate two people. They protect people from the cold and the rain and thanks to their solar panels, they operate in complete autonomy. There’s even a built-in radio network system that allows people inside to communicate with others even when there is no mobile signal or data.

Ulmer Nest capsules are also linked to a social worker who will be alerted whenever one is opened. The idea is to be informed of the use of one of these capsules in order to be able to send someone there, in the early morning for example, to encourage them to seek homeless assistance services if this is necessary. is not already done.

These capsules are also cleaned and maintained by the Caritas Ul-Alb-Donau charity to ensure that the capsules can be used each night.

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