In Memoriam: Eric Viennot's interactive thriller returns as a novel

The novel adaptation of the investigative game In Memoriam is a rewrite of the original work.

From next February 17, the investigation of Jack Lorski and Karen Gijman on a killer in series esthete, nicknamed the Phoenix, narrated in In Memoriam by the late Lexis Numérique will be explored again for the needs of a novel ( Ebook or paperback ). In order to enrich the narrative to make it livelier and more rhythmic, new characters and new sequences have been added. Finally, the ending will be different from the original game because “ it depended a lot on the gameplay ” and so it was difficult to fit it into this format.

French game designer Eric Viennot unveils the synopsis of the novel In Memoriam co-written with Florence Beauchard: “ Jack Lorski is an investigative journalist. He accidentally discovers a murder scene in a super 8 film, shot by an amateur in the 1970s. Fascinated by this discovery, he begins to investigate and finds Karen, the daughter of the missing cameraman, determined to elucidate the murder of her father . From Rhodes to Istanbul via London, Rome and Prague, their investigation will put them on the trail of an ancient manuscript, which has the reputation of bringing bad luck to its various owners, all of whom died accidentally. At the same time, a serial killer nicknamed the Phoenix, accompanies his atrocious murders with an esoteric ritual, linked to the cursed manuscript. What connects these distant events? To find out, Jack and Karen then set off in pursuit of the killer. But taking on the Phoenix on home turf is not without risk. ”

A trailer for In Memoriam

In Memoriam was an investigative adventure game requiring an internet connection to investigate through a multitude of custom or pre-existing websites. An innovative experience for the time based for one of the first times on transmedia.

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