In Japan, Coca-Cola launches a subscription for its distributors

Today there are subscriptions for everything, or almost everything. In Japan, Coca-Cola offers a subscription for its beverage distributors.

Japan is a rather strange country from our Western perspective. This is often said and there are examples of it quite frequently. In the Land of the Rising Sun, Coca-Cola has decided to launch a subscription service for its distributors . You read correctly. Here is what we know about this subscription that is certainly unlike any other!

Coca-Cola will launch a subscription for its beverage distributors in Japan

Everyone has certainly seen a distributor. The concept is the same from country to country, these machines can sell anything and everything. That being said, the Japanese are particularly fond of this kind of equipment. The country has vending machines for anything and everything, from classic drinks and snacks to vegetables, clothes, phones and more.

A little over 20 € per month for a drink per day

So it is hardly surprising to learn that Coca-Cola has chosen Japan to launch a subscription service for its distributors. According to a Nikkei report, Japanese customers who regularly consume their drinks in this way will be able to subscribe through the Coke On app and, for ¥ 2,700 (approximately € 21) per month, they will be able to afford a can per day. on one of the 340,000 Coca-Cola dispensers currently in service across the country.

For those who are worried about the blood sugar of subscribers, know that this subscription gives access to all the drinks offered by the brand’s distributors, including sugar-free tea and black coffee. Not just sodas then. And at € 21 per month, that works out to 70 euro cents per day. Considering that the average price of a can of Coca-Cola in Japan is around € 1.10, the transaction is quite cheap.

This new Coke On Pass subscription service will launch in the country in May with a promotional offer at just ¥ 1,350 (half price, or about € 10.40) in an attempt to attract as many customers as possible. An interesting idea, to say the least. Do you subscribe?

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