In Houston, Domino's pizza will be delivered by self-driving cars

Domino’s is a very popular pizzeria brand, especially in the United States. In the United States, it will very soon use self-driving cars for its deliveries.

Delivery has a lot to gain with robots and other autonomous driving systems. This would make it possible to do without human deliverers and to gain even more fluidity in the planning processes in particular. Some projects are starting to see the light of day. In Houston, the Domino’s brand will deliver some of its pizza via self-driving cars .

In Houston, Domino’s to test self-driving pizza delivery

When it comes to food delivery, we’ve always relied on human delivery people. That being said, with new autonomous driving technologies and robotics, the situation could change. In Houston, if you order pizza from Domino’s, you might see your order arrive in a self-driving car. This is thanks to a partnership between the brand and the company Nuro.

A pilot program which should be rich in lessons

At this time, this service will not be permanent. This is just a pilot program offered to some customers who have placed a prepaid order at Domino’s location in Woodland Heights. And the operation will only be effective on certain days during certain time slots. This is so that the autonomous car does not work all day. And limit the possible risks.

The operation is very simple: the customer places his order, he receives a unique PIN code to establish the link with his order. When the Nuro car arrives, the customer enters their PIN code on the exterior touchscreen, which unlocks the car doors and can then collect their pizzas.

According to Dennis Maloney, director of innovation at Domino’s, “This program will give us a better understanding of how customers respond to our deliveries, how they interact with the robot and how it affects store operations. We look forward to seeing how Autonomous Delivery can work with the delivery experts already in place at Domino’s to better understand the needs of our customers. ”

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