In China, Apple guides its technicians through augmented reality

Virtual and augmented realities are clearly the technologies of the coming years. The tech giants have already chosen their side. Some are betting on virtuality, others increasing it. The latter has the favors of Apple.

Apple has made the choice of augmented reality for many years now. And this choice is clearly seen today in the devices of the Apple brand. Others have chosen the path of virtual reality . The future will tell whether one trumps the other or not, but today that is not the question. The Cupertino company relies on augmented reality and is already using it in many areas.

Apple used augmented reality to guide Chinese technicians

Among the reasons that could explain the slight delay of this year’s Apple iPhone compared to previous generations, is obviously the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, the engineers of the Apple brand had to make multiple trips to suppliers and other manufacturers all over the world, especially in China, to test the prototypes and make sure that everything worked as expected.

and check the prototypes of its iPhone 12 remotely

That being said, since such trips were very limited, if not banned at the height of the crisis, the launch of the iPhone 12 unfortunately had to be postponed, or at least [ 19459012] rumors announced. Apple took advantage of the situation and its love for augmented reality to take this technology to the next level. According to Dan Riccio, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, during a remote meeting on Thursday, the engineers of the American giant had to use augmented reality technology to remotely guide technicians in place in factories in China and communicate better with them.

Apple has always been a big proponent of this technology over virtual reality. And with rumors suggesting that augmented reality smart glasses could be coming soon, this announcement comes as no great surprise, after all.

That being said, the use of this kind of technology has already shown how useful it can be, especially in education. For example, we have already seen how augmented reality can help in the training of surgeons. And some companies are already using it in industry to train their employees.

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