Importing a Xiaomi smartphone from China is no longer necessarily a good plan

Xiaomi’s change in policy regarding the installation of Google services on a product designed for the Chinese market is a risk for those who import their smartphones. Indeed, the latest MIUI update can simply block Google services … Attention!

Redmi 10X5G, un modèle conçu pour le marché chinois que l’on peut importer facilement en France

Redmi 10X5G, a model designed for the Chinese market that can be easily imported into France

The first Xiaomi products, especially smartphones, were popularized around the world thanks to the Chinese market. We were able to import these products through Chinese platforms and sellers, long before Xiaomi officially distributed its products to the world.

As a reminder, Xiaomi designs models both for its domestic market and for the international market. Even though these models are visually very similar, they differ in many ways, especially with software.

Regarding Xiaomi smartphones designed for the Chinese market, since they are products for the Chinese market, Google services (Gmail, Google Maps, Play Store , etc.) are not preinstalled . Many sellers on the AliExpress platform, for example, have therefore exported Xiaomi smartphones by manually installing Google Mobile Services. Some products are even sold without GMS… it’s up to you to install them.

Ce smartphone sur AliExpress n’est pas vendu initialement avec les GMS installés, ils ont été rajoutés par le vendeur tiers

This smartphone on AliExpress is not initially sold with GMS installed, they have been added by the third party seller

Even today, it can be financially attractive to import a Xiaomi product … but you have to be doubly careful.

MIUI 12.5 blocks installation of Google Mobile Services

In addition to customer support and warranty that differ from products marketed by Xiaomi France, you may find yourself with a disabled smartphone. Indeed, the media Gizmochina has just revealed that Xiaomi has changed its policy related to Google Mobile Services (GMS). Specifically, if you purchased a Xiaomi smartphone originally designed for the Chinese market and have the MIUI 12.5 update installed on it, Google Mobile Services may simply not work. You will no longer have access to the Play Store and many Google apps.

Note, however, that these are only smartphones designed for the Chinese market . If a Xiaomi smartphone is advertised as Global ” ( international ) it means that it was designed for distribution outside the Chinese market, it has therefore basic Google services preinstalled. It is therefore important to pay attention to the origin of the imported product if you buy a Xiaomi smartphone from AliExpress or other sales platforms. Note that some of these products for the Chinese market are also found on the marketplaces of online merchants, including Cdiscount or even Amazon.

S’agit-il du Redmi Note 9 (international) ou du Redmi 10X (Chine) ? Mystère… Il faut être vigilant !

Is this the Redmi Note 9 (international) or the Redmi 10X (China)? Mystery… We must be vigilant!

Xiaomi has not communicated the list of models affected by this policy change, some users have reported that the Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X 5G (which we found under the name of Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 in France) are among the models which do not support GMS applications.

Sur la place de marché de la Fnac, on retrouve également des modèles chinois

On the Fnac marketplace, there are also Chinese models

It is important to carefully verify the provenance of the Xiaomi product you are going to buy, whether you are using AliExpress, Amazon, Cdiscount or any other online shopping site.

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