Hyundai limits human contact with its DAL-e robot

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting health crisis have already changed many of our habits. Especially in our human interactions. Robots can be very useful in this context.

The Covid-19 pandemic has at least made us get into a good habit, that of making less physical contact with others. This helps prevent the spread of viruses, and not just Covid-19. Distancing oneself from others, however, poses certain concerns, concerns that Hyundai wants to make forget thanks to its DAL-e robot .

Hyundai unveils its DAL-e robot

Today, the pandemic is still very active, so to speak, across the globe. Vaccination campaigns have started here and there but it is necessary again and again, of course, to maintain this famous social distancing. To help limit interactions between individuals as much as possible, and at the same time to show the world its technological advances, Hyundai unveils its robot DAL-e, a robot that will make its debut at the Hyundai Motor showroom in Seoul, South Korea.

To welcome customers and maintain social distancing

Hyundai conceived and designed this robot to welcome visitors to different sites while also providing them with a lot of information about cars, explanations of technologies, etc. The machine can also ease the workflow of employees who sometimes are busy with other customers when a new one arrives. And the very presence of DAL-e in stores makes it possible to offer an alternative to customers who absolutely want to stay very far from other humans.

According to Dong Jin Hyun, vice president and director of the robotics laboratory at Hyundai Motor Group, “DAL-e is a next-generation service platform capable of providing automated services to the customer at all times. It aims to become a messenger capable of delivering messages to customers in a more intimate and personal way than conventional robots. ”

“With continuous updates and improvements, the DAL-e will be able to deliver new and enjoyable experiences to our valued customers in a completely contactless environment. Our goal is to enable DAL-e to engage in smooth and fun communication with customers while providing valuable services. ”

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