Huawei restores Tencent games on its store after briefly removing them

If Asian companies often clash, it can happen that dissensions appear, especially between Chinese companies. This was the case quite recently between the two giants Huawei and Tencent.

Huawei is a giant in the mobile and telecommunications industry that needs no introduction. Tencent, for its part, is a holding company specializing in internet and mobile services as well as online advertising and video games . Two giants who collaborate quite regularly. Which does not mean that their relations are still in good shape.

Slight friction between Huawei and Tencent in China at the start of the year

For example, Huawei recently pulled Tencent games like Arena of Valor from its app store because of a “big change” made by Tencent regarding their collaboration, according to Bloomberg. Huawei dominates the Chinese mobile market, with 43% of smartphone shipments in the last quarter. Tencent, meanwhile, owns the studios to which we owe League of Legends and Clash of Clans as well as the local versions of PUBG and Monster Hunter: World. An argument between these two industry monsters could impact many mobile gamers across the country.

Tencent games disappeared from the Huawei store for a few hours

Huawei told Bloomberg that its legal department made the recommendation because Tencent asked to end their cooperation. Tencent, meanwhile, said the agreement between the two companies expired before a new one could be signed. All of its titles had disappeared from Huawei’s Chinese store early in the day on January 1.

Chinese gamers have already seen many games disappear recently for various reasons. For example, Apple was removing no less than 39,000 games from its App Store because they did not have an ISBN issued by the Chinese government. Many western games made this list, including Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20, leaving just 74 of the 1,500 biggest paid games in Apple’s catalog.

And as always in this kind of situation, it is the users who pay the price: “We are currently in full negotiation with Huawei’s mobile platform to find a solution and hope to be able to restart our services very quickly” , Tencent said in a statement.

In the end, it didn’t take long. Reuters reported a few hours ago that Tencent games were back on the Huawei store. According to a statement, “the two parties will continue to work together to provide better experiences and ever more successful services to their customers.” Hopefully the situation does not deteriorate soon.

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