HTC reportedly plans to launch new 5G smartphones this year

HTC has been quite low-key in the smartphone market lately. The brand could however launch new 5G models before the end of the year.

The smartphone market is currently very difficult. Between the giants Apple and Samsung and the Chinese manufacturers who are on the rise, it is very difficult to find a place and / or keep it. Many manufacturers have already paid the price. HTC had been quiet for some time. However, the brand plans to launch new 5G smartphones this year .

HTC plans to launch new 5G smartphones this year

In the smartphone market, HTC has been virtually silent for many months. That being said, the manufacturer hasn’t completely left the market, at least not yet, and it looks like it’s not on the agenda. Indeed, a new report from DigiTimes claims that HTC would prepare for its comeback in the coming months with the launch of several models of 5G smartphones.

Willingness for the brand to return to the market?

HTC’s smartphone efforts have been fairly sporadic lately. The brand has launched new products here and there, and even offered quite interesting concepts like a smartphone built around the blockchain. It’s hard at this point to know what kind of devices we might have in the coming months. Will these be entry-level 5G models? A top-of-the-range model could signal a real desire to return to the market in good standing.

At the start of the smartphone era, HTC was a major player in the market, rivaling Samsung, LG and Motorola . Unfortunately, like many brands, they have lost market share year after year, relegating them to the bottom of the rankings. Mass seemed to have been said with the sale of the smartphone division to Google .

And yet, today, new models may appear in the months to come. No one knows what the company’s plans really are. Is this a last attempt? Should this be seen as the intention to return to this market? We will have to wait to discover the smartphones in question before being able to get an idea. To be continued !

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