Horizon Forbidden West: the game postponed to 2022? An insider drops his info

Horizon Forbidden West : le jeu repoussé à 2022 ? Un insider lâche ses infos

Announced last year during the PS5 showcase, Will Horizon: Forbidden West finally be released in 2022? This is in any case what suggests the insider Anton Logvin who, we recall, was the first to reveal the arrival of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. To a tweet listing the games already postponed to next year, the guy replied: “ I would also add Horizon [Forbidden West].

It must be said that the containment and the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have impacted the productivity of developers who, while they may have completed some tasks from home, have never been able to perform as efficiently as in the office. It would therefore not be surprising that Guerrilla Games formalize the thing in the coming months, although we would prefer that the new adventures of Aloy land this year.

For the record, Horizon: Forbidden West is planned not only on PS5, but also on PS4.